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I'm going to get it! Kof XV's new character trailer "Yuri Sakazaki" released!

ばびっとやっつけちゃうぞっ!KOF XVの新キャラクタートレーラー「ユリ・サカザキ」公開!

SNK's latest title in the KOF series, " THE K ING OF FIGHTERS X V" (KOF XV), is scheduled for release within the year 2021.
KOF XV has a certain lineup in place, with the announcement of " Andy Bogart," a popular character from the legendary FATAL FURY series, who has been a regular in the KOF series.
It is a relief to see characters from KOF as well as Andy and Joe from SNK's other supporting titles.
But have you noticed that none of the characters from the fighting games that support SNK have entered the game yet?
Sorry to keep you waiting! Everyone's little sister from the " Fist of the Dragon and Tiger " series will be joining the game!

KOF XVの新キャラクタートレーラー「アンディ・ボガード」公開!今回も餓狼チームになるか!?

Yo yuuch! Yuri Sakazaki is joining the fray!

The new character trailer for Yuri Sakazaki, the younger sister of the main character Ryo Sakazaki, daughter of Takuma Sakazaki, and younger apprentice of Robert Garcia, from SNK's iconic fighting game series "Dragon and Tiger F ist" has been released!
She has been a regular character in the KOF series since the first KOF game in 1994.
The voice of the character is played by Ai Kakuma, the same as in the previous KOF XIV game !

She has been a playable character in the "Fist of the Dragon and Tiger" series since " Fist of the Dragon and Tiger 2. In the first "Fist of the Dragon and Tiger", she appeared as a heroine in a completely different appearance.
The period between the first and second "Fist of the Dragon and Tiger" is supposed to be about a year, but what happened to Yuri during that time?
Yuri is based on the same Kyokugen-ryu karate as Ryo, Takuma, and Robert, so there are some common techniques, but she also has her own unique techniques such as the Hyakuryu Bintatsu and the Crushed Break, and her play style is rather tricky.
With their bright, cute characters, they're sure to add a splash of color to this production!

Yuri Sakazaki


Fist of the Dragon and Tiger team? A team of female fighters?

Yuri is the second female character in KOF XV, as the only officially announced female character so far is Chizuru Kagura.
The first Official Trailer that was released shows Mai Shiranui and Leona, so I assume they will be participating....
In KOF, we often team up with female fighters such as King and Mai Shiranui, but I am looking forward to seeing how they will do in this title.
We can also look forward to the participation of characters from the "Fist of the Dragon and Tiger" series, such as Ryo, Takuma, Robert, and King!
Again, there was no "Tune in next week for more info!" at the end of the trailer, but now that Yuri has been released a week after Andy, we can look forward to next Thursday!


Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese and 繁體中文. at the moment.

69151ばびっとやっつけちゃうぞっ!KOF XVの新キャラクタートレーラー「ユリ・サカザキ」公開!
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