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The protagonists of SNK fighting games gather! KOF XV's Team Pass 2 The delivery date of the last DLC character "Samurai Team" has been decided!

SNK格闘ゲームの主人公が集結!KOF XVのTeam Pass2最後のDLCキャラクター「サムライチーム」の配信日が決定!

SNK's one and only fighting game " THE KING OF FIGHTERS XV " (hereinafter referred to as "KOF XV"), with its traditional 3 vs. 3 team battles, is the hottest in the series.
The world's largest fighting game festival " Evo 2022 " was held in August 2022, and the long-awaited " Orochi Team 3" was released as paid DLC "Team 3" on the day after "Evo 2022" ended. The day after "Evo 2022" ended, the long-awaited "Ura Orochi Team & quot;was released as paid DLC "Team 3.
I have the impression that the number of players has increased, as if the generation that played KOF in the arcade back in the day has once again joined KOF XV.
There were many pleasant surprises announced at Evo 2022, including the announcement that KOF XV's "Team 4" will be the "Samurai Team" from "SAMURAI SPIRITS. The game is scheduled to be released in the fall of 2022.
With only a few days left in September 2022, we were hoping that something would be announced soon, as we can already call it autumn .

KOF XVにSAMURAI SPIRITSから「サムライチーム」が参戦決定!今後のアップデート情報も公開!

It's time to get serious!

KOF XV's paid DLC "Team 4", "Samurai Team", will be released on Tuesday, October 4, 2022!
As already announced, the team characters will include " Haomaru," the main character from the "SAMURAI SPIRITS" series, "Nakoruru," the heroine character from "SAMURAI SPIRITS" who also participated in KOF XIV, and "Nakoruru," the heroine of the "SAMURAI SPIRITS" series who will be joining the team in 2019. Nakoruru ", the heroine of "SAMURAI SPIRITS" who also participated in "KOF XIV", and " DARRY DAGGER ", a popular character who will make his first appearance in the latest "SAMURAI SPIRITS", which will be released in 2019.
Since "SAMURAI SPIRITS" is from a very different era of KOF, you may be wondering how they came to participate in KOF XV, right?
In conjunction with the announcement of the distribution date, the setting for this game has also been made public!



SNK公式サイト ニュースリリース

A swordsman who travels to master the way of the sword.
He is a bold and open-minded swordsman who hates cowardice, and travels from country to country with a drink in his hand in search of a serious match with a strong man.
In order to help his friend Nakoruru, and to fight with a strong man he has not seen yet, he travels far beyond time and space and lands on the stage of KOF.

SNK公式サイト ニュースリリース



SNK公式サイト ニュースリリース

A Kamui warrior with the mystical ability to communicate with the great outdoors.
In the past, he devoted himself to protecting nature and became a spirit of the earth.
He returns to the present day with Haomaru and Dary in order to prevent the full resurrection of the Bath and to exorcise the evil god that lurks within it.

SNK公式サイト ニュースリリース



SNK公式サイト ニュースリリース

A female ship carpenter who runs a workshop on an island.
In addition to her own monstrous strength, she fights using the technical skills she inherited from her carpenter and the wisdom of self-defense she learned from pirates.
In order to learn shipbuilding skills she has never seen before, and most importantly, to join the fight festival, she helps Nakoruru together with Haomaru.

SNK公式サイト ニュースリリース

Nakoruru, who also participated in KOF XIV, will be joined by " Haohmaru" and "Dary Dagger" to help him in his quest.
It would make sense if they were following "Nakoruru" who once appeared in the present day! Right?

With the entry of "Samurai Team", Kyo Kusanagi from KOF, Terry Bogart from FATAL FURY FURY, Ryo Sakazaki from Fist of the Dragon and Tiger, and Haoumaru from SAMURAI SPIRITS have all joined SNK's fighting game team. and the main characters from SNK's fighting game series will all gather for KOF XV!

SNK格闘ゲームシリーズの主人公たちが"KOF XV"に集結!
The main characters of SNK's fighting game series gather in "KOF XV"!
SNK公式サイト ニュースリリース

KOF XV is a title that will be a great success with the KOF series' past protagonists such as "Kyo Kusanagi", "K'", "Ash Crimson", and "Shun'ei". A true SNK all-star game! This is a title that can be called a "KOF" title!
The "Team 4" and "Samurai Team" DLCs can be purchased separately for 1,870 yen (including tax), but the "Team Pass 2 " set with the "Ura-Orochi Team" also for 1,870 yen (including tax) will be available for 3, 300 yen (including tax). The "Team Pass 2" with the "Ura-Orochi Team" also priced at 1,870 yen (including tax) is a great deal at 3, 300 yen (including tax)!
If you have not yet purchased the "Ura-Orochi Team" separately, please consider purchasing the "Team Pass 2" because more playable characters are more fun!

KOF MAXIMUM IMPACT" music added for free!

KOF MAXIMUM IMPACT" series music added for free!
SNK公式サイト ニュースリリース

In conjunction with the release of "Samurai Team", the music from the "KOF MAXIMUM IMPACT" series will be added to "DJ STATION" for free!
DJ STATION" allows you to customize your favorite BGM during a match, so you can choose a song from the "KOF MAXIMUM IMPACT" series and play it with the characters from the "KOF MAXIMUM IMPACT" series. If you select songs from the "KOF MAXIMUM IMPACT" series and use characters from the "KOF MAXIMUM IMPACT" series, you may be able to enjoy KOF XV in a new way with its 3D graphics.
This is a free addition for everyone, so even if you haven't used "DJ STATION" much in the past, this is a great opportunity for you to try it out!
The new songs will be added on Tuesday, October 4, 2022, the same day "Samurai Team" is released!
For more details, please check the news release on SNK's official website!


Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese. at the moment.

69151SNK格闘ゲームの主人公が集結!KOF XVのTeam Pass2最後のDLCキャラクター「サムライチーム」の配信日が決定!
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