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KOF XV new information ban! The character trailer of "Meiten-kun" is released!

KOF XV新情報解禁!「明天君」のキャラクタートレーラー公開!

SNK's latest title in the KOF series, "THE KING OF FIGHTERS XV " (KOF XV), is scheduled for release within the year 2021.
The first trailer was just released on January 8, and the following week, on January 14, a character trailer for " Shun'ei," the main character of this title, was released.
At the end of the "Shun'ei" character trailer, it was announced that there would be more information the following week with the words " Tune in next week for more info!The new trailer for KOF XV was released on Thursday, January 21, 2021, as announced!

KOF XVの最新情報!本作の主人公「シュンエイ」のキャラクタートレーラー公開!

Meitenkun, the wielder of the "Eight Extremes Sleep Fist", will be joining the game!

The character trailer released this time is "Ming Tian Kun" who was on the same Chinese team as "Shun Yei" in the previous KOF XIV!
The CV is played by Seira Liu, who is also known for her role as Wu Ruixiang in SAMURAI SPIRITS!
The " Hakkyoku Somnambulistic Fist ", named by the master Tan Fu Lou, is still alive and well in the trailer, as you can see in the unique style with a pillow in his arms.
The team composition will be completely different from KOF XIV, so we will have to wait and see if Ming Tian-kun will be on the same team as Shun-Yei again, or if he will fight on a new team!



And at the end of the trailer, there is a sleeping "Meitengun" and the words " Tune in next week for more info!

Tune in next week for more info!
Tune in next week for more info!
KOF XV|MEITENKUN|Character Trailer #2 (4K)

It looks like we'll be getting another character trailer next week! Will it be Kyo Kusanagi this time? Or will it be "Tan Fu Lu" who was on the same team as "Shun Yei" and "Ming Tian Kun" in KOF XIV?
Let's wait for the release of new information!


Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese. at the moment.

69151KOF XV新情報解禁!「明天君」のキャラクタートレーラー公開!
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Kof XV official trailer finally released! 2021 release decision!
Kof XV official trailer finally released! 2021 release decision!...

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