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All right! Japan's best! KOF XV's new character trailer "Shichibi Mai" released!

よっ!日本一ぃー!KOF XVの新キャラクタートレーラー「不知火舞」公開!

SNK's latest title in the KOF series, " THE K ING OF FIGHTERS XV " (KOF XV), is scheduled for release within 2021.
Last time we announced "The King," a reliable sister who is a regular KOF player, which made us feel more secure about KOF XV.
With the announcement of "Yuri Sakazaki," "King," and other female fighter team members from the past, KOF fans were wondering, "Will that character be next? " and "Is that character probably next?" were predicted.
Recently, the day before the announcement, the Twitter account SNK JAPAN(@SNKPofficial_jp ) revealed the silhouettes of the characters who will be participating in the game, and people were wondering if it would be that character, or that character over there. The silhouettes of the characters that have been announced this time have already been revealed!
SNK's representative female character will be joining the game!

Let's get to it! Mai Shiranui!

The new character trailer for " Mai Sh iranui" is a female character that represents the "FATAL FURY" series, the "KOF" series, or even SNK as a whole!
The CV is played by the talented Ami Koshimizu, who has played the main character in numerous works! Ami Koshimizu!

Mai Shiranui is a Kunoichi who wields the Shiranui style of ninjutsu and is also the girlfriend of Andy Bogart, one of the main characters in "The Legend of FATAL FURY 2.
Her very distinctive character design and characterization have made her very popular, and she has appeared in most of the KOF series, including the Gaiden series, as well as guest-starring in many other series.
Unfortunately, while many SNK characters have appeared in Nintendo Switch's "Super Smash Bros. Mai Shiranui" does not appear in the game at all. He is banned from Smash Bros.
Just look at what Mai Shiranui is wearing! Smash Bros. SP is CERO A for good kids!

Mai Shiranui is a ninja, which means she has some tricky moves.
While attacking with " Hesshin Ninja Bee " and " Dance of the Flying Flying squirrel ", you can also use " Hanacho-Fan ", which throws a fan at him, to check him out and keep him in position. In close range, he can use the "Ryu-henmai" (Dragon Flame Dance), which is a cleave with flames.
The characters in the GARO DENSETSU series, including "Shiranui Mai," have a good balance of special moves, making them suitable even for those who are not good at fighting games.
Mai Shiranui" is one of the best characters in the series, so please give her a try!

Mai Shiranui


No female fighter team announced!

Since "Mai Shiranui" was announced and "Yuri Sakazaki" and "King" had already been announced, many people expected that a "female fighter team" would be announced, but no team was announced this time! But no team was announced this time.
Since the "FATAL FURY" team has already been announced, it seems unlikely that "Mai Shiranui" will join the FATAL FURY team... I have a feeling that the team composition will be a bit of a mess!
What characters and teams will be announced next?
Let's wait for more information!


Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese and 繁體中文. at the moment.

69151よっ!日本一ぃー!KOF XVの新キャラクタートレーラー「不知火舞」公開!
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Hum! pathetic! Kof XV's new character trailer "King" released!
Hum! pathetic! Kof XV's new character trailer "King" released!...

KOF series latest model "THE KING OF FIGHTERS XV (the king of and Fighters 15)" last time of SNK it's expected to sell within 2021 made fight game ind