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A key person who seems to be greatly involved in the story! "KOF XV" New Character Trailer "Kukri" released!

ストーリーに大きく関わりそうなキーパーソン!「KOF XV」新キャラクタートレーラー「ククリ」公開!

SNK's latest title in the KOF series, " THE KING OF FIGHTERS X V" (hereafter, KOF XV), will be released on February 17, 2022 (Thursday).
A total of 39 characters have been announced for the game, and the countdown has begun with only 11 characters remaining.
Last time, the anti-hero " Ash Crimson," the main character from the "Ash Arc" of KOF 2003, made a miraculous return to the series, much to the delight of fans of the series.
Will "K'," who appears in the trailer, be next? Or will it be the new female character? The next trailer will be released on September 16, 2021 (Thursday), and we are looking forward to it!
A mysterious character who will be a major part of the storyline is joining the game!

アンチヒーローが奇跡の復活!「KOF XV」新キャラクタートレーラー「アッシュ・クリムゾン」公開!

Sand of Muse... Kukri! Kukuri!

This time, a character trailer has been released for Kukuri, the mysterious character with a hood hiding his face who first appeared in the previous KOF XIV as an "Official Invitational Team"!
In KOF XIV, he called Shun'ei " Amp Specter," was involved in the Ash case, and was behind the scenes at the tournament.
He is also a character with a light-hearted personality, and has also appeared in "SNK Heroines Tag Team Frenzy." He is as elusive as his real face, which is hidden by his hood.
The CV is played by Hiroki Takahashi! You may know him from a certain tennis anime where he plays doubles by himself, or from a certain dark game anime where he was spoiled in the next preview!
Kukuri" is a character who fights with tricky movements and sand manipulation.
In the previous game, the combo that incorporates " Phantom Dust," which creates an alter ego of sand with a hit point, was very easy to use and powerful.
From the trailer, it seems that the new game will be more of a combo-combo style than a powerful blow style.



How it relates to the story is also interesting!

Kukuri" is a mysterious character, but I have a feeling that she will be involved in the story in some way.
In particular, he is related to "Ash Crimson," who was announced in the last issue, and will he team up with Ash? I am curious!
It has been announced that a special KOF XV program will be distributed at the " Tokyo Game Show 2021 Online," which will be held from September 30, 2021 (Thursday) to October 3, 2021 (Sunday), so maybe some surprising information will be revealed there...?
The official program will be held on Friday, September 30, 2021 at 13:00, so don't miss it!
For more information about KOF XV, please visit the official website!


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