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Suddenly announced on "Xbox Live Stream" on TGS2021 Online! Kof XV "K'" character trailer released!

TGS2021 Onlineの「Xbox Live Stream​」で突如発表!KOF XV「K'」のキャラクタートレーラー公開!

"But we still have the game.Tokyo Game Show 2021 Online " (hereinafter referred to as "TGS2021 Online"), the largest game festival in Japan, opened on September 30, 2021 (Thursday) under the theme of "KOF XV.
Since the first day of the event, there has been a great deal of excitement in the official broadcasts and offline venues.
Press and influencers from various media and SNS have been reporting on the offline event, and it looks like a lot of fun, with each booth elaborating on its own theme, and some of the contents are crazy in a good way!

On September 30, the first day of TGS2021 Online, at 1:00 p.m., SNK presented the "TGS2021 SNK] KOF XV Special Program," which included a character trailer for the completely new character "Isla" and interviews with the game's developers.
We also reported on funglr Games that there were interviews with the developers, a tournament for the top players, and much more.
We were just about to visit the offline venue to try out KOF XV, when suddenly there was a further announcement!
During the " Xbox Live Stream " broadcast on September 30 at 18:00, another character trailer was shown!

Don't fuck with me, you bitch! K' joins the fray!

The new character trailer for KOF XV that was suddenly released during the "Xbox Live Stream" is " K' (Kaydash)," the main character from the "NESTS Arc" of KOF '99 to KOF 2001! K' (Kaydash)!
Since "Isla" was just released on SNK's official broadcast, we thought the next one would be next week or so. That's our SNK!

It was already announced that "Kyo Kusanagi", "Ash Crimson", and the main character of this game, "Shun'ei", as well as the previous main characters of the series, will be appearing in this game! and they appeared in the first trailer, so we knew they would be joining the game, but now it has been officially announced.
The voice of the character is Yoshihisa Kawahara, the same as in the previous game ! He is a great actor who plays a character with coolness and a Han-like quality!

K' is a modified human who was implanted with the genes of Kyo Kusanagi by the secret organization Nestz, which is also the origin of the "Nestz Arc".
Therefore, like Kyo, he can handle a red flame.
However, he can only use his right arm to control the flame, and he also uses a red glove on his right hand to control the flame, as it sometimes goes out of control.
The red glove on his right hand, which stands out amidst his all-black fashion, is also his trademark.
As the main character of the "Nestz" series, "K'" seems to be a relatively well-balanced and easy-to-use character.
However, "K'" is also a character that can be used in tricky ways, such as using the " Eintrigger," which creates a ring of flames in front of him, and using the additional input of a derivative to shift the timing, or using the high-speed " Blackout " move as a trigger for a strong attack.
The " Chain Drive " super special move, in which he throws his sunglasses at the opponent, is still used in this game. It's cute how he puts them back on and then starts punching!



Eight more characters to be revealed!

KOF XV will feature a total of 39 characters and 13 teams at the time of release.
With the announcement of "Isla" and "K'," the 31st character has been announced, but the two announced this time and the teams of "Ash" and "Kukuri" have not been announced yet.
Among the unannounced characters, " Heiden," who appears in the package design, and a female character with braided hair, who also appeared in the trailer, have been identified.
If we add these two characters to the 33, there are only 6 more characters to be announced, so we still have a lot to keep our eyes on!
Whether it's a new character or a popular character from the past, we can't wait to hear more!
For more information on KOF XV, check out the official website!


Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese. at the moment.

69151TGS2021 Onlineの「Xbox Live Stream​」で突如発表!KOF XV「K'」のキャラクタートレーラー公開!
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TGS2021 Online's official SNK program "KOF XV Special Program" distribution! A completely new character of KOF XV is finally released!
TGS2021 Online's official SNK program "KOF XV Special Program" distribution! A c...

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