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It is a case game, but spoilers are strictly prohibited! "KOFXV" Early Access Begins! All characters are playable! Popular characters clash with each other! !


It has been more than a year since the announcement of "THE KING OF FIGHTERS XV", SNK's popular fighting game "KOFXV", and the game has been rushed with character announcements from time to time.
Finally, the game will be released this Friday, February 17, but before the release date, the Early Access has started on February 14 for those who pre-ordered the game!

A total of 39 characters and 13 teams are available for play!


When you hear that you can play the game ahead of time, you may think that the characters you can control are limited or the functions you can play are restricted, but KOFXV has no restrictions at all!
That's what "We SNK" is all about! This is the best Valentine's Day present ever!
However, SNK asks you not to distribute or post spoilers.

However, SNK is asking players not to distribute or post spoilers. Since there are no restrictions such as no screenshots, it's just a matter of player self-restriction, but it's sad to see some people posting spoilers right away...
Some people on the Internet are saying, "There are no spoilers in a gaming game.
If you think so, you should watch the endings of all teams from KOF '94.

What is the charm of the KOF series?

ユリサカザキfunglr Games

As we ask for this spoiler ban, the appeal of the KOF series is not only the fun that comes from playing against each other in a typical fighting game, but also the story and characters in each title.
For this reason, "THE KING OF FIGHTERS '98 ULTIMATE MATCH" and "THE KING OF FIGHTERS 2002," which have a high festival element without any story, are popular and highly rated among fighting gamers because they pursue only gameplay. In other words, they are popular and highly evaluated by fighting gamers.

Originally, fighting games were meant to be played for the fun of fighting, but since the story can also be enjoyed, there are many deep-rooted fans outside of the core gamer community.
Of course, other companies' games also have stories, but in order to enjoy the story of each character in the KOF series, you have to choose a character from the same team to complete the game.
This is not a problem when playing on a home console, but if you want to see the ending of the main character's team, even though he or she is not your character, and you want to see the ending of the main character's team in the arcade, you can do so. You have all had the experience of losing 100 yen in the arcade while playing as the main character team, only to be interrupted and lose more and more 100 yen. No? No?

That's why the KOF series is loved by casual players who don't usually play fighting games, but who do play KOF, as well as by hardcore gamers.

Emphasis on the story, so popular characters are discarded

Betty and Ash
funglr Games

Because of the emphasis on story, if a character dies in the previous game, he or she will not appear in the next game.
No matter how popular the character is, he or she will not appear, and when he or she does, you will say, "Did you just live? !"
In KOF '99, Takashi Shiiken is no longer able to use his supernatural powers, and in KOF 13, Iori Yagami is deprived of her flame, so her character's performance is drastically changed, and Ash, who stole Iori's flame, uses a blue flame.

Because of this background, when Nakoruru appeared in the previous KOF14 game, many people were like, "What? I think there are many people who were in a state of "What the heck? Another world...

But popular characters from past games are back!

ベティfunglr Games

While we say we focus on the story, in the latest KOFXV, people who have died or disappeared from existence in the past have been resurrected and are now participating in the game!
However, the ending of the previous title and the story of this title explain the circumstances of their resurrection, and KOFXV is the latest title to accomplish the feat of "resurrecting popular characters without destroying the story.

アッシュfunglr Games

The story of each team is available on the official KOFXV website, so be sure to check it out!

Standard Teams and Unusual Teams

In KOFXV, some teams are the same as before, while others have been drastically changed.
One of the most refreshing teams for me personally is the "Super Heroine Team.
The popular character Athena Asamiya is not on the Psycho Soldier Team, but on the Heroine Team.
In KOF2003, Athena was a high school girl, but in this game, she is not only a member of the "Heroine Team," but the team is called the "Super Heroine Team.

I tried to operate the team right away. Yes, I was definitely a superheroine.

Of course, Yuri Sakazaki was a superheroine as well.

Mai Shiranui is a game you must play for yourself!

We're taking reservations now! The official release date is February 17!

In fact, the playability of KOF 15 is such that even those who left the game after KOF 14 can easily get into KOF 15, and those who played KOF 14 can play it without problems.
KOF is a game where you can enjoy the changes from one game to the next, and we hope that everyone will play it.

KOFXV will be available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S for consumers, and on Steam, Epic Games Store, and Microsoft Store for PC (Windows 10).


Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese and 繁體中文. at the moment.

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