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KOF XV completely new character "Dolores" released! Open β test holding and announcement plenty of team formation!

KOF XV完全新規キャラクター「ドロレス」公開!チーム結成にオープンβテスト開催と発表盛りだくさん!

SNK's latest title in the KOF series, " THE K ING OF FIGHTERS XV " (hereinafter referred to as "KOF XV"), will be released on February 17, 2022 (Thursday).
Last time, it was announced that " Heidern," a character with an important position in KOF, would be participating in the game from the very beginning, and there has been a lot of interest in how he will be involved in the storyline of KOF XV.
Recently, the official SNK JAPAN Twitter(@SNKPofficial_jp) has been showing silhouettes of the characters the day before they are announced, and then the official announcement is made.
But! Our SNK will not disappoint you!
On Thursday, October 28, 2021, at 6:00am, the " State of Play | 10.28.21 " broadcast announced the characters who will be joining the game!
A completely new female character, shrouded in mystery, has been revealed!

オレたちの教官が満を持して参戦!「KOF XV」新キャラクタートレーラー「ハイデルン」公開!

The key character in the story, "Dolores" is joining the game!

The character trailer for Dolores, who was also depicted in the official trailer and main visual for KOF XV, is a completely new character!
In the official trailer, it looked like she was going to be a big part of the story of KOF XV, and now we can officially announce her.
The CV is played by Yuko Kaita, who personally has a strong image of a mature older sister . Dolores" also gives a cool impression.

She is a new character, so I don't know what kind of performance she will have, but she is good at communicating with the spirits of the earth, and fights by manipulating holy mud.
He is one of the resurrected from the Baths and is said to be a " great hermit " who lives deep in Africa, but there are still many mysteries at this stage.
Kukuri," who has been announced as a character in the character trailer, appears in the game, and there seems to be some similarities in their special moves...we 'll have to wait for more information on that!


No way! The three of them! Formation of a rival team!

Along with the announcement of "Dolores," a new team was also announced!
Dolores ", " Isla ", who is also a new character, and " Heidelun " will form a "Rival Team "!
I understand that new characters "Isla" and "Dolores" will be on the team, but I didn't expect "Heidelun" to be on the team!
Heidelun" is also depicted in the main visual of KOF XV, so it seems that he will be a big part of the story.
It seems that they are the "rival team" to the "hero team" of the main character "Shun'ei," so it will be interesting to see how the story unfolds!

Rival Teams
SNK公式サイト ニュースリリース

Now that the teams have been announced, the annual "Rival Team Entry Memorial Campaign " will be held!
One lucky participant will win a signed copy of the game by Yuko Kaita (Dolores) ,Lynn (Isla) , andHaruo Yamagishi (Heidelun)!
To participate, simply follow the official SNK JAPAN Twitter(@SNKPofficial_jp ) and retweet the campaign tweet below!
The deadline is November 10, 2021 (Wed. ), so retweet now!

KOF XV Open Beta Test will be held!

Besides the announcement of "Dolores", there was another very exciting announcement at the "State of Play | 10.28.21".
The Open Beta Test of KOF XV will be held for PS4 and PS5 users !

In addition to the main character " Shun'ei " and the newly announced " Dolores," the Open Beta test will also feature the "Three Sacred Treasures Team," including " Kyo Kusanagi," " Iori Yagami," " Chizuru Kagura," and the long-awaited revival of " Shun'ei. The long-awaited return of the "Orochi Team," including Kyo Kusanagi, Iori Yagami, Chizuru Kagura, and the long-awaited "Orochi Team," including Kyo Kusanagi, Shelmy, and Chris.
You can experience offline modes such as " Training " and " Versus " as well as online modes such as " Casual Match " and " Room Match "!
And what's more! In "Room Match", you can experience the new "Draft VS" feature, where you cannot use the same character as your opponent!
You will be able to experience the fun of "Draft VS" with only 8 carefully selected characters!
Please note that you can use the online mode even if you are not a PlayStation Plus subscriber, but an Internet connection is required.

KOF XVオープンβテスト
KOF XV Open Beta Test
SNK公式サイト ニュースリリース

KOF XV Open Beta Test will be held from November 20, 2021 (Sat) 12:00 to November 22, 2021 (Mon) 23:59! It's Saturday and Sunday, so let's play as much as we can!
Please check the official website of "THE KING OF FIGHTERS XV" for more details!


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69151KOF XV完全新規キャラクター「ドロレス」公開!チーム結成にオープンβテスト開催と発表盛りだくさん!
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