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KOF XV character trailer "Kagura Chizuru" released! New team announced!

KOF XVのキャラクタートレーラー「神楽ちづる」公開!新チームも発表!

The " 2nd Japan Gaming Manufacturers Association " was held on Sunday, February 21, 2021.
Harada P of Tekken had his way in the first meeting held in August last year, and this time too, he was flying off the handle from the start.
For more details, please check out the archives of the broadcast!

There was a lot of information announced this time as well, but as funglr Games, we couldn't miss SNK's topic!
KOF XVThe new character trailer for SNK's latest title in the KOF series, " THE KING OF FIGHTERS XV " (KOF XV), which will be released in 2021, has been released!
And a new team has also been announced!

The descendant of Yatagata, "Kagura Chizuru" has entered the game!

The character trailer was released this time because she made her first appearance as a boss in KOF '96. She is "Kagura Chizuru," a key person in the Orochi Arc!
The CV is played by Sayaka Ohara, who is a natural at portraying mature women !
She first appeared in the Orochi Arc of KOF '95-'97 in KOF '96, and is a very important character who worked with Kyo Kusanagi and Iori Yagami to seal off " Orochi ".
I could give you a brief explanation of the story of the Orochi Arc, but I'd rather you go through the trouble of defeating Chizuru, then that guy, then the three of them, then Orochi in '97, and so on, until you get to the ending.
As for the story of Orochi, please play KOF '95-'97! Now available on all platforms!

The " Kagura-ryu Kobujutsu

" is a beautiful dance-like move that is very powerful, but I personally feel that it is difficult to time it well when using it against an enemy, but when using it, it is a bit peculiar and difficult to master!
I hope to be able to master it in this new work!

Chizuru Kagura

SNK公式サイト ニュースリリースページ


ちづるのトレーラーの最初でいきなり発表となっていますが、KOF XVの新チームが発表となりました!

SNK公式サイト ニュースリリースページ

As mentioned above, these three are three of the key characters from the Orochi version of KOF '95-'97.
By default, they are not on the same team, but if you team up with them in the team editor, you will be able to see a special story and ending.
I was so excited to see the first official "Three Sacred Treasures Team" since KOF 2003 that I tweeted about it!

According to the description of "Chizuru Kagura" on SNK's official website

He is a descendant of the Kagura (Yata) family, one of the three sacred weapons that oppose Orochi, the Earth Will. He is the heir to the Kagura school of kobujutsu, a form of kobujutsu that uses dance-like body techniques to play tricks and seal the opponent's power.
After the appearance of the mysterious monster Barth, he persuades Kyo Kusanagi and Iori Yagami to participate in the tournament in order to discover the identity of the mysterious force that has been interfering with the sealing of Orochi.

SNK公式サイト ニュースリリースページ



ちづるのキャラクタートレーラーの最後にはいつもの"Tune in next week for more info!"の表示がありませんでしたね。
毎週木曜日にキャラクタートレーラーが公開とされていましたが、今回は"第2回 日本格ゲーメーカー連合会"での発表ということで、今週の発表はなし!
詳細はSNK公式サイト ニュースリリースページをご確認ください!


Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese. at the moment.

69151KOF XVのキャラクタートレーラー「神楽ちづる」公開!新チームも発表!
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It burned, right? Kof XV's new character trailer "Kyo Kusanagi" released!
It burned, right? Kof XV's new character trailer "Kyo Kusanagi" released!...

The KOF series latest model of SNK it's expected to sell within 2021 "THE KING OF FIGHTERS XV (the king of and Fighters 15)". It's opening to the publ