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Wilderness Action × Tokyo Gate collaboration 2nd start! The first reprint and new collaboration items are added!


KNIVES OUT, the battle royale game with over 300 million users worldwide, will hold a collaboration event with "TOKYO GHITA TOKYO Ghoul" serialized in "Weekly Young Jump" from March 19, 2021 at 10:00!
The collaboration event with"Tokyo Ghouls " serialized in Weekly Young Jump will be held on March 19, 2021, from 10:00 a.m.!

"Ghouls in the Wilderness, Again!

荒野に喰種、再びKnives Out

The second collaboration event with "Tokyo Ghouls" will reprint all of the collaboration items from the first collaboration, as well as add a number of new collaboration items, including an original costume based on the half-bright Ken Kaneki, collaboration skins, collaboration backpacks, and more! The new items will be available in the new collection!

Sedan skin featuring Ken Kaneki in a semi-bright state
『KNIVES OUTx東京喰種』コラボ第二弾特設サイト

Firearms, cars, and everything else will be "Tokyo Ghouls"!

Collaboration-only leisure mode "Tokyo Ghoul Arena" is now available!

Following the first collaboration, the limited collaboration leisure mode " Tokyo Ghoul Arena" will be held.
Players can form squads of four and fight off the onslaught of the massive number of Ghouls that will appear in the game.
In addition to the four types of Eater that appeared in the first collaboration, new Eater designs and attacks will be added to the second collaboration, bringing the total to eight types of Eater.

Many other events limited to the collaboration period are scheduled to be held.

KNIVES OUT×東京喰種Knives Out

In addition to the collaboration items, there will also be a number of limited collaboration events in the game.
For more information, please check the "KNIVES OUT x TOKYO GHITA" Collaboration Vol. 2 special site and the official "KNIVES OUT" Twitter account!


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