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"Wilderness Action" × "Evangelion" collaboration event 3rd is held! All the contents of the collaboration of the first and second series are also reprinted!


The "Wilderness Action" x "Evangelion" collaboration event, the first of which was held from May 31, 2019 to June 13, 2019, and the second from January 1, 2020 to January 14, 2020, was very popular.
The third part of the event will be held until September 23, 2020.

Many Eva-inspired collaboration items will be available.

In this third collaboration, all items that appeared in the first and second collaborations are reprinted.
This is a chance to obtain items that were not available in past collaborations.
In addition, this year's collaboration will feature costumes that faithfully reproduce the Evangelion from the 2012 movie " Evangelion: Q." If you get one of these costumes, you will be able to create your own Evangelion character.
Once you get the costume, you will surely be able to enjoy the battlefield as if you were Evangelion yourself.
In addition, pilot skins incorporating elements of Unit Zero, Unit-1, and Unit-2 are also available.
In addition to the original costumes, a variety of weapon skins designed in the image of Unit Zero, Unit Hajimeki, and Unit 2 are also available, so you can coordinate your entire body with Evangelion.

ザ・ビーストや初号機をテーマにしたカート The
Beast and Unit 1-themed cart

And for vehicles, there will be a cart skin themed on "The Beast," the second form of Unit 2 beastification, and a sedan themed on Unit 1.

Aerial Battleship AAA Wunder

Other items in the lineup include a parachute that recreates the first plane's transport platform, a backpack featuring Asuka's doll, and a fighter inspired by the AAA Wunder, the aerial battleship that appears in "Evangelion: Q".
Evangelion fans and non-evangelion fans alike can enjoy the unique items and have more fun in wilderness activities.

Limited Leisure Mode for the "Wilderness Action" x "Evangelion" Collaboration Event to be Reissued

The first collaboration event was titled "Attack of the Apostles" and the second collaboration event was titled "Apostles, Again" and both were very popular.
A new collaboration leisure mode is also prepared for the third collaboration.
The content is based on the "Apostles, Again" mode of the second collaboration, but with new skills added to each Evangelion machine and the sixth Apostle.
When an Evangelion is defeated, players will fight in the form of Shinji, Asuka, and Rei, each wearing a plug suit, and will be able to board the Evangelion by accumulating energy again.

During the "Wilderness Action" x "Evangelion" collaboration event, there will also be a mini-game in which players can win limited items from the collaboration.
For more information on the collaboration, please check the official website of Wilderness Action and theofficial Twitter account.


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"RAGE ASIA 2020" will be held! The game title is Apex and Wilderness Action!
"RAGE ASIA 2020" will be held! The game title is Apex and Wilderness Action!...

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