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Kizuna'ai Anime Project TV Anime "Kizuna'ai Ariru" to air in 2023! Teaser Visual Revealed!


The title of the TV anime born from the anime project of the world's first virtual talent " Kizuna'ai " is " Kizuna no Ariru" (Ariru of Kizuna 'ai). It has also been announced that it will begin airing in 2023. A new visual by @morikuraen, the character designer of Kizuna Eye, has also been released! The official Twitter account and website for "Kizuna no Ariru" have also been set up, and we can't wait to see what's next!

What is "Kizuna Eye"?

The world's first virtual talent "Kizuna Ai" started her activities in December 2016. The number of subscribers to the YouTube channel "A.I. Channel" has exceeded 3 million. A.I. Games," a channel specializing in live video games, has 1.5 million subscribers, and TikTok (kizunaai0630) has more than 3 million subscribers. She has expanded her activities in many fields, including appearances on TV shows and commercials, and is also engaged in full-fledged music artist activities as a means of transcending various barriers by gaining popularity overseas as well. As of November 2022, it is in a sleep period for updates.

"Kizuna no Ariru" will air in 2023!

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The animation project announced at "hello, world 2022," the last live concert before the indefinite hiatus, has finally been announced! The title of the project is "Kizuna no Ariru" (Ariru the Bond)! A new visual by @morikuraen, who is in charge of Kizuna Eye's character design, has also been released.

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Since starting her career in 2016, she has been active not only on YouTube, but also on TV programs and commercials. Kizuna-Eye, who has been taking on challenges as a pioneering VTuber, is finally getting her own anime! We can't take our eyes off of her as she takes on new challenges. The official Twitter account (@kizunanoallele) and teaser site for "Kizuna's Arille" have also been released, so be sure to check back for more news.

"hello, world 2022" is now available on YouTube.

hello, world 2022 PR TIMES

Kizuna Eye's last live performance "hello, world 2022" before her indefinite hiatus is now being streamed on " A.I. Channel ". Why don't you experience that excitement again?


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