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The smaller Kirby rolls around, eats a lot, and grows bigger! "Kirby's Gourmet Festival" announced!


HAL Laboratory's "Kirby the Star" series celebrates its 30th anniversary on April 27, 2022 (Wednesday).
Kirby is one of Japan's most popular characters, loved around the world for his adorable, round form and unique " copying ability " from Pupland.
In March 2022, the latest title in the series, " Hoshi no Kirby Discovery," the first 3D action title in the series, was released and has been a huge hit.
Recently, a collaboration with the general goods brand "SWIMMER" has been announced, and "Kirby Cafe Nagoya" will open in Nagoya in September 2022.
The "Kirby" series is expected to have many more updates in the future, but "Kirby Discovery" has just been released, so we thought that game-related information would wait for a while, but suddenly a new title " Kirby's Gourmet Fest" was announced. Kirby's Gourmet Fest" has been announced!

Kirby Cafe NAGOYA opens on September 15 for a limited time!

Eat lots of strawberries and become the biggest!

The latest "Kirby's Gourmet Fest " title announced this time is "Kirby's Gourmet Fest"!
Kirby tries to eat a cake at the Gourmet Festival, but a mysterious power causes him to become smaller, but on the contrary, the cake in front of him is too big to eat! Kirby is so excited that he can't stop eating!


Then colorful Kirby and his friends fell down and started to roll around, eager to enjoy the funny and confectionary world.

Kirby's Gourmet Fest


So, "Kirby's Gourmet Fest" is an action game in which the four Kirby's compete against each other to see how many strawberries they can eat!
Kirby rolls through stages featuring cakes and other sweets, and as he eats strawberries on the stage, he gets bigger and bigger.
The player who eats the most strawberries and grows the biggest is the winner!
Even those who are not good at action games can enjoy this title right away, as Kirby can be rolled around with simple stick operations.


The battle unfolds on a delicious and unique stage decorated with lots of food, such as cake and ice cream.
You can enjoy various battles depending on the stage, such as racing to the goal where a mountain of strawberries await you, fighting over falling strawberries, or blowing up your opponent to capture the strawberries.

Kirby's Gourmet Fest


Of course, Kirby's familiar copy ability will appear, but in a new form unique to "Kirby's Gourmet Fest"!
Eating the " Copy Food " found in the stages will transform Kirby into the form of a candy! He will be able to use various abilities.
The key to victory will be the " Copy Food Ability," which has the potential to turn the tide of the battle, such as eating strawberries that surround you or blasting your opponent with a shockwave.
In addition to "Tornado" in the form of soft serve ice cream and "Stone" in the form of chocolate, there are many other "copy food abilities," so look forward to more information!


Downloadable software to be released in the summer of 2022!

Kirby's Gourmet Fest" is scheduled to be released as a Nintendo Switch downloadable game in the summer of 2022!
The price has not been announced at this time, but "Kirby Fighters 2", which is currently available for download, is priced at 1,980 yen (including tax), so expect "Kirby's Gourmet Fest" to be around that price as well!
The popularity of Battlow games, in which a pudgy little guy like Kirby goes on a rampage, has been resurging, so this type of competitive game will be very exciting.
In addition to this, the game of Kirby's worldwide popularity will inevitably be played all over the world, so let's enjoy playing against other Kirbys from all over the world at "Kirby's Gourmet Fest" this summer!
For more information, please visit Nintendo's website.


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