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Kirby's Kirby Cafe WINTER 2021 is being held! Let's enjoy the winter limited menu!

星のカービィ「カービィカフェ WINTER 2021」開催中!冬限定メニューを楽しもう!

Now that the temperature has dropped enough to wear coats, there are only a few days left in November.
Winter will arrive in earnest in December.
Kirby Café" themed on the popular game series "Kirby the Star" released by Nintendo has started "Kirby Café WINTER 2021" where you can enjoy the limited winter menu ahead of other cafes! This limited menu will be available until November 2021.
This limited menu will be available from November 18, 2021 (Thursday) until February 28, 2022 (Monday). Please try it!

What is Kirby Cafe?

デデデ大王の角煮・ザ・マウンテンカービィカフェ 公式サイト

What if there was a café in Kirby's world? The concept is " What if there was a Kirby café in the world of Kirby? The Tokyo Solamachi store has "Kirby Cafe The Store " where you can purchase goods.

Story of "Kirby Cafe WINTER 2021

Winter has come to Kirby Cafe again this year.

Whispy Woods, stylishly wearing a white snow hat, is somewhat proud of himself. Wrapped in a veil of white, Kirby's Cafe looks like a different kind of winter restaurant.

Everyone in Pupu-Pu Land loves this season!
Try snow gassen with fluffy snowballs or fish fishing on the ice. ......
Oh, what's that? It looks like Kirby, Waddledy, and the others are busy making something with all the snow they've gathered.
I see! It seems that Kirby was making a snowman for Waddle Dee, and Waddle Dee and his friends were making snowmen for Kirby and Kawasaki.
Everyone seemed to be very satisfied with the pretty good looking snowmen.

Now, it's time to go back to the store where Kawasaki is waiting.
The hot stew and warm apple cinnamon will warm up the snowy, chilly people.

Inspired by the snowy landscape, Kirby and his friends will bring you a "Winter Kirby Cafe" that will warm your heart and body. Please look forward to it!


Too cute! Winter Limited Menu

Food Menu

Left: Winter Kirby Burger & Pasta with Snow Cheese
Right: Winter Waddledy Burger & Pasta with Powdered Snow & Cheese


Price: 2,948 yen each (tax included)
The Kirby Burger and Waddle Dee Burger are now available in warm winter attire! The burger with a warm scarf and fluffy knit hat is served with pasta covered with cheese snow. Please enjoy the winter in Pupu Puland.

Dedede the Great's Horny Mountain - Winter Dressing

デデデ大王の角煮・ザ・マウンテンPR TIMES

Price: 1,298 yen (tax included)
Dedede Mountain, peeking out from a sea of white clouds of crispy harusame, is now a winter scene with grated daikon radish.
Mashed potatoes and vegetables are served together with cheese sauce spread at the foot of the mountain and dusted with powdered cheese.

Kirby's Winter Dusty Pie Stew - with Roast Beef

WINTER Souvenir with Soup Mug! (image right)PR TIMES

Price: 2,948 yen (tax included)
Kirby's warming clam chowder wrapped in a pie after a long day of playing outside! It is served with roast beef topped with sweet and sour raspberry sauce.

Kirby's Suikomi! Hors d'oeuvres ~Kaekko! Sushi version~!

カービィのすいこみ!オードブルPR TIMES

Price: 1,188 yen (tax included)
Tomatoes that look like tuna, salmon, young corn, and okra appear one after another on top of mozzarella cheese.
It's like a sushi bar! Kirby is also very busy! Please try it before Kirby eats it all!

Dessert Menu

Fluffy White Tiramisu - Waddle Dee and Snow Gassen! ~Price: 2,178 yen

WINTER Souvenir with ceramic spoon! (image right)

Price: 2,178 yen (tax included)
Waddle Dee and the snowballs of fluffy cream!
After a fun-filled day, enjoy a mug full of white tiramisu for a sweet moment.

It's Kirby's winter fun time!

カービィの冬のおたのしみタイム♪PR TIMES

Price: 2,398 yen (tax included)
Kirby is fishing on ice with caramel pudding cake and whipped cream. Kirby! Did he catch anything?
Fruits around Kirby are fondueed with chocolate sauce in a Whispy Woods cocotte...
Please spend a winter time with Kirby.

Drink Menu

Whispy Woods Winter "Hot! and Apple Cinnamon

ウィスピーウッズの冬の“ほっ!”とアップルシナモンPR TIMES

Price: 968 yen (tax included)
A warming drink made with plenty of Whispy Woods apples that will make your heart and body feel "Ho! This warming drink is made with plenty of Whispy Woods apples. Enjoy the cinnamon flavor while it is still warm.

Original stickers will be given away!

オリジナルステッカーカービィカフェ 公式Twitter

If you have a Nintendo account, you can get an original sticker of "Kirby Cafe" original design (4 kinds) by passing your QR code over the QR reader installed in "Kirby Cafe TOKYO" and "Kirby Cafe HAKATA". You can get a sticker of the original "Kirby Cafe" design (total 4 kinds )!
If you don't have a Nintendo account, you can easily create one on the spot. I want to collect all kinds...!

On the official Kirby Cafe website, you can learn more about "Kirby Cafe WINTER 2021" and browse the menu.
The design of the site is very elaborate and cute, so please take a look!
Also check out the official Kirby Cafe Twitter!


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