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Kingdom Hearts" first rhythm action game "KINGDOM HEARTS Melody of Memory" announced!

「KINGDOM HEARTS」初のリズムアクションゲーム「KINGDOM HEARTS Melody of Memory」発表!

KINGDOM HEARTS" is a popular action RPG series featuring a mix of Disney and Square Enix characters.
From the first game released in 2002 to the latest "KINGDOM HEARTS III", the series has been very popular all over the world.
Some of you may have become SQUANI fans as a result of your love of disney games.
KINGDOM HEARTS Melody of Memory," the first rhythm action game in the popular "KINGDOM HEARTS" series, has been announced!

Traveling through memories with your friends

KINGDOM HEARTS Melody of Memory" will be a rhythm action game featuring characters from the "KINGDOM HEARTS" series. Of course, Disney characters will also appear.
More than 20 characters!More than 140 songs, which is very important for a rhythm action game, will be included in the game !
The songs include Disney songs, so both KINGDOM HEARTS fans and Disney fans will be very satisfied.

Not much has been revealed yet, but from the trailer, it looks like scenes from previous titles will be inserted, and as the title suggests, "memory" will be an important key to the game.
The game will feature four play modes, including online battles, so let's wait for more information!

Release on 3 platforms!

KINGDOM HEARTS Melody of Memory
KINGDOM HEARTS Melody of Memory
『キングダム ハーツ メロディ オブ メモリー』タイトル発表トレーラー

KINGDOM HEARTS Melody of Memory" is scheduled for release in 2020.
The game will be compatible with PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.
The popular rhythm-action game with "KINGDOM HEARTS" characters and music is sure to be a lot of fun by itself, and we are sure that Square Enix will add even more fun elements to the game! We look forward to more information!
For more information, please check the official "KINGDOM HEARTS Melody of Memory" website!


Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese. at the moment.

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