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There is also the appearance of The Constellation and The Dream! The latest PV of "Devil's Blade Hinokami Bloody Wind Story" is released!

猗窩座や魘夢の姿も!「鬼滅の刃 ヒノカミ血風譚」の最新PVが公開!

The movie version of " Demon Sl ayer" " Infinite Train" was aired for the first time on terrestrial TV recently, and the ratings were phenomenal.
More than a year has passed since the completion of the original manga, and it seems that its popularity is not only waning, but is even accelerating.
From October 10, 2021 (Sun.), the TV anime version of "Infinite Train Arc" with completely new episodes and new cuts will be broadcast.
The long-awaited new series "Yugaku-hen" will air on December 5, 2021 (Sunday), and other new information is being released one after another.

Kikoza and Nightmare also make an appearance! The latest PV has been released!

The fourth PV of "Demon Slayer: Hinokami Blood Tale" has been released this time.
It shows the latest videos of the "Demon Slayer: Hinokami Blood Tale" solo play mode, which follows the story of "Demon Slayer," and the " Versus Mode " in which players can enjoy battles with many popular characters.
The solo play mode "Hinokami Kofu Tan" allows players to relive the story from the " Tanjiro Kamado Tatsushi Arc " to the " Infinity Train Arc, " allowing them to see the characters that appear in the story in powerful visuals! You can see the characters from the story in powerful images!
You can even see Kakuroza and Nightmare in the "Infinity Train Arc"!
I can't wait to play the "Infinite Train Arc" and see the fierce battles that take place in the "Infinite Train Arc" through my own eyes!
This is the episode that will lead to the new series "Yuugaku-hen" starting in December, so let's experience the story of Sumijiro and his friends not only in the TV anime version "Mugenraihen" but also in the game!

In-game screenshots

Oni" is coming with a free update!

We are looking forward to the solo play mode "Hinokami Kifuutan", but are you also looking forward to the "Versus Mode" where you can control popular characters and play against them?
It has been announced that a wide variety of characters, from the main character " TanjiroKamado " to " Tanjiro Kamado," the son of a baker who attends Kimetsu Academy, will be participating in the game.
However, the characters announced so far are basically from the Oni Killing Squad side and the school side, and no characters from the " Oni " side have been announced.
I was wondering why the "Oni" would not appear in the solo play mode "Hinokami Kifuutan" since the "Oni" are such powerful enemies......but then it was announced that the "Oni&quot I was just happy to hear that it would be a free addition to the game!

Free Update Information

We are very happy to hear that this is a free update, but it will be added sequentially over a total of three updates!
In the "Oni-kiri-tai-ho" of Weekly Shonen Jump issue 43, published on September 27, 2021 (Monday), it is stated that " 2 new characters will be added to the game! The article states, "Two additional characters will be added to the Onigiridai!
Three additional games with two characters each means a total of six "Oni" will be added to the game!
Six characters for free is a very generous offer that is not usually found in games.
The timing of the update and who the new demons will be have yet to be announced, but considering the flow of the story, fans may be able to guess that the first update will be that demon and that demon...and so on.
The release is just a few more days away. Make sure you have your reservations in order and wait for the release!
For more information, please visit the official "Demon Slayer: Hinokami Blood Tale" website!


Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese and 繁體中文. at the moment.

86816猗窩座や魘夢の姿も!「鬼滅の刃 ヒノカミ血風譚」の最新PVが公開!
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