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"Keeba Co., Ltd.", which handles energy drink KiiVA, sponsors the esports team "Aile9"!


KiiVA Corporation, the company behind the energy drink KiiVA, announced that it has signed a sponsorship agreement with Aile9, an e-sports team based in Okayama Prefecture.

Based in Okayama, Japan, "Aile9" focuses on FPS/TPS.

e-sports team Aile9
e-sports team Aile9

Aile9" has 6 players in the Fortnite division and 2 players in the Valorant division, and is based in Okayama Prefecture.
There are also 2 players in the Streamer Division, and Designer and Editor Divisions.

Sponsors include Elecom Corporation, a peripheral equipment manufacturer, and Switch Corporation, a web production and management company headquartered in Okayama, and now Keeva Corporation is the third sponsor.

Keeva is well-known for its "take a different path.

KiiVA Energy Drink 500ml

The new sponsor, Kiiva Corporation, is the company behind the energy drink "KiiVA," which bears the same name as the company's name.
KiiVA contains the highest amount of caffeine among all energy drinks, as well as arginine, guarana extract, and niacin, making it a favorite energy drink for e-sports players.

Under the sponsorship agreement, Aile9 will provide prizes for the sponsored tournaments and products to the players.
KiiVA may appear on the social networking services of Aile9 players in the future, so be sure to keep an eye on Aile9's activities.


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