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Square Enix's latest installment! Simulation adventure game "Combined Boys" that resists destruction with the power of the elements is announced!


Nintendo Direct 2022.9.13 " was distributed from 23:00 on Tuesday, September 13, 2022.
The content of the broadcast, which lasted more than 40 minutes, was so rich with various new information that many of you probably could not sleep last night due to the excitement.
Even though the broadcast started at 23:00, the number of people connected at the same time exceeded 700,000, which shows how much attention was paid to the event.
During Nintendo Direct 2022.9.13, Square Enix announced " Kizuna Shonen ", a simulation adventure game of friendship bonding!

ゼルダだけじゃない!ビッグニュース目白押しの「Nintendo Direct 2022.9.13」発表タイトルまとめ!

Friendship bonding simulation adventure game "Kizuna Shonen" is now on sale!

Square Enix's latest work, " Ketsudan D anshi", a friendship bonding simulation adventure game, will be released in 2023!
The game will be released exclusively for download on Nintendo Switch, iOS, and Android platforms.


That is, those who possess the power of ...... chemical elements

The story takes place in the "Land of Yuiwa no Kuni," a once-destroyed Japan that has been rebuilt.

The story takes place in "Yuwa-no-kuni", a country that was once destroyed and rebuilt in Japan.
There were those who dared to stand up against it.
They are the "Shikonin" who possess the power of the elements.

In a desperate battle against the darkness that engulfs everything
The Shikonin have found a bond with their friends.

The art of union, which unites the volunteers and draws out their strength.
You will throw yourself into this battle as a "Nakoudo", a master of the art of bonding.

The complete erosion of the entire globe... until the world disappears.
The world will disappear in a mere 50 days.

In the midst of the onrushing darkness, you will see the brilliance of the union.



The story is fully voiced and tells of a " Shikenkan " who fights with the power of chemical elements to confront the threat of the disappearance of the world.
As a "Nakoudo," a master of the art of bonding, you can combine the powers of other Shikenkans, unlock new abilities, and work with them to prevent the disappearance of the world!
The main storyline branches off into up to 45 different routes, with over 90 different endings depending on the bonds that bind the Shikonin.
Depending on who you choose to connect with, there are as many different endings as there are connections between the donors!

Shikonin Officers included in the full version

Saku Minamoto (@Saku0108_H )

源 朔(みなもと さく)任天堂ホームページ

The Shikonin of Hydrogen.
He is from the Minamoto family, which has inherited the proper factors of hydrogen.
He is proud of being a volunteer and tries to fulfill his mission.
He has a serious and calm personality, but he is also unable to take a joke and is susceptible to unexpected events.

Eito Yasukata (@Eito0816_O )

安酸 栄都(やすかた えいと)任天堂ホームページ

A cheerful and energetic mood maker who is a volunteer for Oxygen.
He is an honest person who treats everyone with open arms and believes in enjoying life to the fullest.
She will fight for the smiles of her loved ones, no matter what the opponent.

Rikka Kasumi (@Rikka1201_C )

鍛炭 六花(かすみ りっか)任天堂ホームページ

A carbon volunteer.
She is sensitive and has a lot of potential, but she also has a low self-esteem.
Although she is almost crushed by the expectations of those around her, she loves drawing and wants to know the wider world, which is why she decided to become a carbon volunteer.

Shiki Uroku (@Shiki0409_Be )

宇緑 四季(うろく しき)任天堂ホームページ

Shiki is a beryllium volunteer.
She is a realist with a keen insight, and although she has a good personality on the surface, she never shows her true feelings and has an elusive personality.
Although he refuses to talk about his past, he is always seen offering flowers at the cenotaph for the victims of dead matter.

Shidonin Officer to be distributed as additional content for a fee.

Nanase Tōshō (@Nanase0714_N )

凍硝 七瀬(とうしょう ななせ)任天堂ホームページ

A nitrogen volunteer.
He does only what he is ordered or told to do without feeling.
She is deeply attached to Eito, who is a volunteer for Oxygen, and she shows her trust and affection to him alone, while at the same time showing a strong sense of attachment.

Misora Ukiishi (@Misora0609_Li )

浮石 三宙(うきいし みそら)任天堂ホームページ

Lithium's volunteer officer.
He is a fashionable leader of the Defense Headquarters and looks and talks flirtatiously, but he is knowledgeable about science and technology and has a broad knowledge and understanding of culture and the arts.
He dislikes selfish and conservative thinking, and his motto is to live life as he sees fit.

Jinbu Tetsu (@Jin0505_Fe )

鐵 仁武(くろがね じん)任天堂ホームページ

Iron Volunteer, deputy commanding officer of the Shaishan Defense Headquarters.
Although being an Iron Guard is a heavy burden on his body, he has been fighting on the front lines for 10 years.
He takes good care of those around him and is trusted as a reliable superior officer, but he also has a side that is easily moved by emotion.

Kuon Todoroki (@Kuon0919_F )

舎利弗 玖苑(とどろき くおん)任天堂ホームページ

Self-proclaimed "perfect" and "fluorine" candidate.
He has a confident personality and the ability to match.
He has an attractive appearance and has many fans.
She is always boisterous and expresses her emotions in a straightforward manner, but in fact she has a lonely side as well.

Ichina Shiozuru (@Ichina0809_Cl )

塩水流 一那(しおづる いちな)任天堂ホームページ

Chlorine volunteer.
She only sees the meaning of her existence in destruction, and when she is driven to kill, her breath becomes toxic unconsciously, so she wears a mask at all times.
He usually keeps his distance from his surroundings and lives in the basement of the Defense Headquarters.

Seiryu Izayoi (@Izayoi0302_S )

清硫 十六夜(せいりゅう いざよい)任天堂ホームページ

Shiken officer of Iwo Jima.
Although he is the oldest active and veteran volunteer, he does not have the dignity of an elder.
His personality is carefree and irresponsible.
He claims to be the strongest if he puts his mind to it, but his habit of slacking off has made him a disappointment to the younger generation.

Four characters are included in the full version; the fifth and later characters will be available as paid DLC.

Launch is scheduled for 2023!

The release of the combined boys is scheduled for 2023.
Information will be gradually released from now on, so follow the official Ketsugou Danshi website and the official Ketsugou Danshi Twitter (@Ketsugou_PR ) and wait for more news!

Title Outline
Name Ketsugou Danshi
Genre Friendship bonding simulation adventure
Release date coming in 2023
Compatible consoles Nintendo Switch / iOS / Android
Suggested retail price Undecided (download only)
CERO To be reviewed


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