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Popular live streamer "Junichi Kato" enters Twitch streaming distribution platform


Popular live streamer Junichi Kato announced yesterday (June 18) on his Twitter account that he has launched a Twitch channel on Twitch, a streaming distribution platform specializing in game distribution provided by Amazon-owned Twitch Interactive, Inc.

The first time he launched his Twitch channel, he broadcasted a "test" game, which reached a maximum of 20,000 concurrent users in a two-hour stream.

Will you be broadcasting mainly on Twitch from now on?

At the beginning of the distribution, he said, "From now on, I will mainly use Twitch and YouTube. "I indicated my intention to move from other distribution sites to Twitch.
The archives are still available on Twitch for those who are interested in viewing them.

Are you planning to make Twitch more of a chat streaming service as well as a game streaming service?

Twitch has launched "Watch Parties," a service that allows viewers to simultaneously watch Amazon Prime Video movies and dramas with other viewers in various countries, including Japan.
The service was implemented as a beta version in the U.S. from October 2019, and has finally been implemented in Japan.
The system that allows distributors to legally view movies with viewers at the same time is attractive, and more distributors will migrate from other sites in the future.


Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese. at the moment.

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