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"Karaoke JOYSOUND for Nintendo Switch" 10 days free campaign

おうちで歌いまくれ!「カラオケJOYSOUND for Nintendo Switch」10日間無料キャンペーン開催中!

It is now June and the rainy season is about to begin in Japan.
Bad weather makes it difficult to concentrate on work and games.
To help with this, "Karaoke JOYSOUND for Nintendo Switch" is holding a " Rain and Rainbow Songs Collection 10-Day Free Campaign " starting June 3, 2022 (Friday)!
Let's sing your favorite songs and blow away the dull mood!

Let's sing that famous song for free!

Free Song List

During the campaign period from June 3, 2022 (Fri.) 10:00 to June 13, 2022 (Mon.) 9:59, anyone can sing the following songs for free 99 times per day!

The lineup includes a variety of famous songs with the keywords "rain" and "rainbow" such as " Cry Baby / Official Bearded Man dism " and " Over the Rainbow / NiziU "!
In addition, songs titled "rainbow" were performed by Masaki Sugata, Kazuya Ninomiya, Masaharu Fukuyama, Yuzu, and many others.
This is a limited-time campaign where you can enjoy a wide variety of songs, from quiet songs to bright songs, for free!
Sing along at home and clear away those cloudy moods!

How to sing the free trial songs

  • 1. click the "Start Karaoke" icon
  • 2. click the "Search Songs" button
  • 3. select "Free Trial Song
  • 4. sing!


Karaoke JOYSOUND for Nintendo Switch" can be enjoyed even if you are not a Nintendo Switch Online subscriber.
By purchasing a subscription ticket (usage ticket), you can sing as many songs as you want, over 150,000 songs in all!

Karaoke JOYSOUND for Nintendo Switch Time Ticket

  • 3 hours: 330 yen (tax included)
  • 1 day: 550 yen (tax included)
  • 30 days: 1,540 yen (tax included)
  • 90 days: 3,080 yen (tax included)

If the 30 songs available in the "Songs of Rain and Rainbow 10-day Free Campaign" are not enough for you... please consider using a time-limited ticket!
Karaoke JOYSOUND for Nintendo Switch" is now available on the Nintendo eShop and My Nintendo Store!

Experience authentic karaoke with a dedicated microphone!

カラオケJOYSOUND for Nintendo Switch
Karaoke JOYSOUND for Nintendo Switch

The exclusive microphone that can be used with "Karaoke JOYSOUND for Nintendo Switch" is also available on the My Nintendo Store and Amazon.co.jp!
With the microphone, you can score your own songs, compete with other players nationwide, and have even more fun!
Let's get through the rainy season, when we tend to feel down, by singing cheerfully!


Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese. at the moment.

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