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Hidetaka Kano guest-starred in "Uuchi e!", where announcer Risa Uuchi serves as MC, and two people play "Dead by Daylight"!

宇内梨沙アナウンサーがMCを務める「宇内e!」に狩野英孝がゲスト出演し2人で「Dead by Daylight」をプレイ!

TBS announcer Risa Unai, a famous female announcer gamer, serves as MC and delivers various gameplays on "Unai e! 〜 The channel is a YouTube channel run by the TBS eSports Research Institute.

The channel brings the love of games and the fun of gaming to its viewers through live game broadcasts, and held its first live broadcast on January 27 (Wed.).
The channel's popularity can be seen from the fact that the maximum number of simultaneous connections reached 3853 and the total number of channel subscribers exceeded 30,000.

Comedian Hidetaka Kano made a guest appearance on "Unai e!" on February 13 (Sat) and 14 (Sun).

The two play "Dead by Daylight.


TBS announcer Risa Unai and Hidetaka Kano played "Dead by Daylight," a popular survival horror game.
Both are well versed in the game, and their heated play can be viewed almost uncensored.

Risa Unai, TBS announcer, comments

As a viewer, I really enjoy Mr. Kano's live game broadcasts, so I am honored to have him as a guest on the channel. Please enjoy the cooperative play with Mr. Kano, who left the famous line "Don't swing the axe without permission," a line that will remain in the Dead by Daylight world.


Hidetaka Kano comment

I had the opportunity to visit Mr. Unai's YouTube page, and I was reminded how wonderful it is to be able to meet people from all walks of life through games. And the charm of matching games is that we can laugh, have fun, and communicate with each other about things other than games. I'm saying this in a nice way, but it's just the two of us making a lot of noise, having a lot of fun, and getting excited all the time.
I hope you will all enjoy watching Ms. Unai's "I've just started playing games. 〜Please check out her "Game Live!



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