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Nawabari Battle on the train! "Splatoon Nawabari Quiz" begins broadcasting on JR East Japan trains!

電車の中でもナワバリバトル!JR東日本の電車内で「Splatoon ナワバリクイズ」放送開始!

The release of Nintendo Switch " Splatoon 3 " on September 9, 2022 (Friday) is just around the corner.
This title has been eagerly awaited by everyone in the world, including those who have played the series up until now, those who have already made up their minds to participate in this title, and those who have decided to participate after playing the "eve festival" that was held the other day.
Once Splat goes on sale, we will be spending our days immersed in Splat, so many of you are probably rushing to finish the games you are currently playing before the game's release.
As the release of this much talked-about title approaches, collaborations and campaigns are taking place everywhere, and conveniently close by is the Seven-Eleven convenience store, which is offering collaborative products and the "Ichiban Kuji Lottery. I personally recommend the "European Beef vs. Butter Chicken Navarri Battle Curry," which is a very tasty curry without the splurge.
You will see "Splatoon 3" everywhere you go, with commercials airing on TV every day, and you are likely to see more and more of it while traveling.
The "Splatoon Navabari Quiz" has started airing on JR East trains!


A "Navaribari Battle" with a quiz on marine life!

There is no sound in the video.

From September 5, 2022 (Monday ), "Splatoon Navarri Quiz" has started to be broadcast on JR East trains!
It will be broadcast on the monitors above the entrances and exits of the trains.
The " 60-second challenge " was broadcast to commemorate the 35th anniversary of Super Mario Bros. Save Luigi! " will be broadcast as a replacement for the "Splatoon Nawabarik.
In the "Splatoon Navarri Quiz," three Inklings battle it out for the correct answers to a quiz. The three-way battle is reminiscent of the new " Trikara Battle " rule in this title.
As in the Navaribari Battle, the ink ring with the most paint wins the game, and the judge will announce the correct answer at the end.
Please check the correct answers in the "Splatoon Navabari Quiz"!


The "Splatoon Navariki Quiz" will be updated every Monday with quizzes related to marine life!
The quizzes that have been aired until then will be uploaded to the "Splatoon Navabari Quiz " special siteas back numbers, so don't worry if you missed it.
The quiz will make your train commute a little more enjoyable, which can sometimes be a bit depressing, so keep an eye out for it when you ride the JR East trains!
For more information, please visit Nintendo's website!


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