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The "J.League Club Championship" app holds the latest update and release 500 anniversary campaign!


It's November, and the J-League is in the final stages of its real-life soccer season!
With only a few games left to play, Konami's J-League Club Championship, the official soccer game app of the J-League, has finally been updated with the latest data for the 2020 season!
Collect cards of your favorite players in real life, or train your favorite team's players and chase victory, it's all up to you!
In addition, to celebrate the 500th day of the game's release, we are holding a " 500 Days Anniversary Campaign! Campaign " will also be held to celebrate the 500th day of the game's release!

Here are some of the details of the "500 Days Anniversary Campaign! Campaign"!

2020 Season Players Added!

Players can collect and train real name and real picture cards of players from all 40 J1 and J2 clubs in the 2020 season, and enjoy online matches and various events with players from all over the country in their own club teams made up of their favorite players.
Many of you have been waiting for the "Regular 2020 Additions Vol. 6" of 40 players to be added to the regular cards for the 2020 season.
Welcome the new players to your favorite team and lead your team to victory!

500th Anniversary! Login Bonus

500th Release Anniversary! Login Bonus

Log in every day during the period to receive " Grade 75+ Gacha Ticket ", " MVP & POTM Gacha Ticket ", and other great rewards! Login Bonus" will be held.
Make sure to get it, and you will be the star of 2020!

500th Release Anniversary! Victory Road

500th Anniversary! Victory Road

Special event "500 Days of Release! Victory Road" event, where you will have the chance to defeat special opponents and win the league championship.
Rewards such as " February, June, and July Monthly MVP & POTM Gacha Tick ets" and " G85+ Gacha Tickets " will be given away depending on the number of points won and the number of times you win!
Please challenge to win the rewards!

Celebrating 500 Days of Release! Winning Mission

500th Anniversary! Winning Mission

"500 Days of Release Commemoration! Winning Mission" event, you can get Gacha tickets, funds, and items for training depending on how many times you win in a match.
Winning 500 times will give you a " G85+ Gacha Ticket ", so don't miss out!

500th release anniversary! First time free! Double Retry 11-round Gacha!

500th Anniversary! First Free! Double retry 11-round gacha

Good news for those who are just starting out!
"Release 500 days anniversary! First Free Gacha! Double Retry 11-round Gacha", a special 11-round gacha that is free for the first time and can be redrawn twice!

500 Days of Release Commemorative! One Free Gacha per Day!

500th day release anniversary!

In addition, during the period, the "500 Days Release Anniversary! Once-a-Day Free Gacha" will be held, where you can get a free player card once every day!
The conditions are perfect for those who are just starting out!
The details of the campaign can be found in the in-game announcement.

Let's make the J-League exciting both in real life and in the game!

In real soccer, the J-League is in its final stages, although the Lebanon Cup final has been postponed.
The postponement has not dampened the fever for soccer in the game.
The "J-League Club Championship," which will conclude this year's competition, will feature a variety of campaigns and events in the future.
If you are a player or just starting out, be sure to follow the official J. League Club Championship Twitter account to stay up to date on the latest news!
For more information on the J-League Club Championship, please visit the official J-League Club Championship site on Konami.com.


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