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Esports facilities are permanently installed at JR East Matsudo Station! If you want to do esports, hurry to Matsudo Station!


With e-sports becoming more and more popular in society, a new facility will be opened to further accelerate the e-sports fever.
JR East will open a permanent e-sports facility, "JEXER eSports Station," in Matsudo Station's Ekinka.
This is the first time that an e-sports facility will be opened in an Ekinka station, and we would like to introduce you to the JEXER eSports Station.

Outline of JEXER eSports Station

ジェクサー・eスポーツ ステーション内デザインジェクサー公式サイト

JEXER eSports Station is the first e-sports facility to be opened by JR East at Matsudo Station on January 24, 2021.
The station is located directly across from the entrance to the central ticket gate of Matsudo Station, and is designed to be easy for anyone to enter and enjoy, from beginners to experts.
The station is designed in white and wood grain tones, creating a sophisticated yet relaxing space where many people will spend a lot of time.
Of course, since this is an e-sports facility, gaming PCs are installed, and for example, the current flagship model " XL2546K " from ZOWIE is installed on the gaming monitor, allowing you to enjoy full-fledged play.
The gaming stations are equipped with not only several types of game software, but also a whopping 30 titles, so you can spend a long and enjoyable time.

Multiple Spaces for Multiple Purposes

ジェクサー・eスポーツ ステーション 予定図ジェクサー公式サイト

You might think that the JEXER eSports Station is a place where you can enjoy only eSports-related activities, but that is not the case.
In addition to the computer area, there will of course be an event and community area and a drink bar, making it a wide range of spaces that can be used as a teleworking space, which has been the focus of much attention recently, or as a place to study for education or certification, or to edit videos.
Recently, especially with fewer people owning computers, it is difficult for people to work with computers even if they want to.
However, since the JEXER eSports Station is a facility that anyone can use, it will be a useful space not only for e-sports related activities, but also for those who need a full-fledged computer, so it is definitely something you will want to take advantage of.

Outline of the Store
Facility Name B-Jexer e-Sports Station JR Matsudo Station
Charge for use (1)Computer area (20 seats)
First 30 minutes: 350 yen, every 10 minutes thereafter: 100 yen *Admission fee of 100 yen for the first time only (free for the first 3 months after opening)
(2)Event & Community Area (12 open seats)
First 30 minutes: 250 yen, every 10 minutes thereafter: 50 yen
Hours of operation 9:00 - 22:00 (open year-round)
Scheduled opening date and time Sunday, January 24, 2021, 9:00 a.m.

We ask that you wear a mask and take other adequate precautions against infection by the new coronavirus before coming to the store.


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