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Japan Esports Union (JeSU) newly recognized organizations from 11 prefectures as local branches


The Japan eSports Union (JeSU) announced that it has newly recognized 11 organizations as local chapters and that they have been officially operating as JeSU chapters since the end of January 2020.

New Chapters in 11 Prefectures

JeSU has been accepting applications for additional local chapters since May 2019, and after carefully examining organizational management, activity records, and other factors from among the many applications, the following 11 organizations were newly certified as JeSU local chapters, which were determined to be able to continue to provide adequate street level services as local chapters.

Prefecture Name Organization name Representative
Iwate Iwate e-Sports Association Tetsuya Endo
Yamagata Yamagata e-Sports Association Yujiro Arase
Fukui Fukui e-Sports Association Tsukasa Minami
Gifu (Gifu e-Sports Association Hideaki Saka
Tokushima Tokushima eSports Association Goro Harada
Ehime Ehime e-Sports Association Kazuhiko Tanaka
Kochi (Kochi e-Sports Association Gohei Mitani
Fukuoka eSports Association Fukuoka eSports Association Kenichi Nakajima
Nagasaki (Nagasaki e-Sports Association Masujiro Higuchi
Miyazaki (Miyazaki e-Sports Association Mitsunori Sato
Kagoshima (Kagoshima e-Sports Association Shinji Ikeda

The organizations that were not certified as chapters this time will continue to be certified based on reports on their organizations and activity results, with plans to eventually establish chapters in each of the 47 prefectures.

As a supplementary note, at the business seminar "eSPORTS BUSINESS SEMINAR" held at "eSPORTS TRINITY", Mr. Takehisa Otani, Secretary General of JeSU, took the stage and explained about the regional chapters.

There was no detailed explanation of the conditions for becoming a local chapter, but he said that local chapters will be recognized by JeSU after a strict screening process.


Confirmation of Japan e-Sports Union Chapter Rules

The local chapter rules are available in PDF format on the JeSU website. We have excerpted some of the sections we were interested in.

Article 4: Structure

The local chapter shall have the following members (officers), unless the head office agrees that there are unavoidable circumstances such as budget and staff size, and that there are no obstacles to the execution of business as a local chapter in a prefecture.
(1) One President
(2) One Secretary General
(3) One other person

Article 5: Election and Dismissal of Officers

The election and dismissal of officers shall be made by a resolution of the General Assembly of the Chapter and approved by the Board of Directors of the Headquarters.

Article 6: Duties of Officers

The duties of the Chapter Officers shall be as follows

~ (abbreviated)

Shall not disclose or divulge any information obtained in the course of business or operations, as well as personal information, etc.

As mentioned above, this means that a minimum of three persons are required. In addition, the appointment and dismissal of officers will be decided by the local chapters and approved by the JeSU Headquarters Board of Directors.

It is not specified whether these officers are to include only the president or the secretary general.

In addition, the fact that board members are not allowed to disclose or divulge business or operational information, Kotaro Mizoguchi, Executive Director of the Tokyo Section of JeSU, stated on Twitter that " Capcom is the one making the decision on the Capcom Cup prize money issue, so it is not JeSU's place to say anything about it," which may or may not be true. Regardless of the truth, he clearly disclosed information in the course of his duties, and if he is a board member, the board of directors of the head office would have approved the disclosure.

JeSU has a strict screening process, so there is a big possibility that the Executive Director is not included in the board members.

The Tokyo Chapter of JeSU deleted the tweet and tweeted an apology, saying that "legal risks were avoided and ideas were crossed," and that "the way I communicated was not good enough.

JeSU now has a total of 21 chapters.

With the addition of the 11 newly accredited chapters, JeSU now has a total of 21 chapters.
In the field of e-sports, which continues to grow in popularity, the establishment of local chapters is expected to invigorate e-sports in each prefecture.

For more details, please visit the official JeSU website news page.


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Certified in only 3 months after release! JeSU adds "TEPPEN" to the certified ti...

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