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The most famous illustration-free material site in Japan and Pokemon collaborate! LINE Sticker "Shirasu toya × Pokemon Shiny Sticker" sales start!

日本一有名なイラストフリー素材サイトとポケモンがコラボ!LINEスタンプ「いらすとや×ポケモン ぴかぴかスタンプ」販売開始!

As you all know, photographs and pictures are copyrighted, and basically cannot be used without the author's permission.
However, there are web services that distribute CC0 (Creative Commons License) photos and illustrations that have relinquished their copyrights, and there are also so-called " free materials" that can be used freely and for free as long as the terms of use are observed.
Among them, " PakuTaso," one of Japan's largest free photo material sites, has released the world's first eSports free material in collaboration with "Street Fighter V Champion Edition," and the largest eSports facility in Asia, "CGA eSports Stadium", one of the largest eSports facilities in Asia, located in Hong Kong. Please use them a lot!

Among these free material sites, the aforementioned PakuTaso is famous for photos, but the most famous free material site for illustrations in Japan is " Illustrator ".
Irastoya " has become so popular that you see it at least once a day, and now they have collaborated with Pokemon to release a LINE stamp!

世界初!eスポーツフリー素材「ストリートファイターV チャンピオンエディション」×「ぱくたそ」コラボ企画リリース!

Cute stamps by Irassuya and Pokemon!

The "Irastoya x Pokemon Pikapika Pikapika St amp" is a cute stamp featuring Pokemon drawn by illustrator Takashi Mifune, who is well-known for his work at Irastoya.


Many of these stamps are mainly popular Pokémon such as Pikachu or the first generation Pokémon, but we are happy to see that the latest Sword Shield is the main theme of the stamp. Mally is so cute!

We've got some stamps that look easy to use, so let's add some cuteness to your timeline!
The "Irastoya x Pokemon Pika Pika Stamp" is now available for 250 yen (tax included)! To purchase, please visit the LINE STORE!


Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese. at the moment.

Full cooperation with funglr Games! "Pakutaso" has released a free material for the largest esports facility in Asia , "CGA eSports Stadium"!
Full cooperation with funglr Games! "Pakutaso" has released a free material for ...

A free free picture material site of the Japanese maximum level "PAKUTA SO" released the free material of the e sports facility of the Asian maximum l

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