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Luxury professional gamers are also members! Online community "in Jelly Game Club" of game lovers is opened!


Morinaga Seika Kaisha, Ltd. has established " in Jelly Game Club," an online community for people who love games.
The club will engage in a variety of activities, including the dissemination of game-related content and the holding of events.

The in Jelly Game Club is made up of professional athletes!

Morinaga Seika has been supporting e-sports players through its support of the Yokohama F. Marinos e-sports team and the Morinaga Training Lab ("Training Lab").
In December 2019, Morinaga Seika will release " in Jelly GAME BOOSTER," a new in Jelly product suitable for game playing, and Morinaga Seika's involvement in the e-sports scene is increasing.
Morinaga Seika has now established the " in Jelly Game Club " with the aim of helping people who love games to devote themselves more fully to them and improve their gaming performance.

Details of Activities

Morinaga Seika has established a website and a YouTube channel as a base for disseminating the activities of the in Jelly Game Club.
The website and YouTube channel will provide a variety of game-related content, including game-playing videos by club members and guests, and videos of stretching and conditioning during and after game breaks supervised by the Training Lab.
In addition, community events and online events are also planned.

Members of the in Jelly Game Club

Members of the in jelly game club

In establishing the in Jelly Game Club, three players who have been supported by in Jelly in the past, " Agunomu M " (Yokohama F. Marinos e-sports team), " Kazunoko " (Burning Core), and " DustelBox " (Father No Back), will join the club as members. (Father's Back) will join as members of the club.
With members representing the Shadowverse, fighting game, and FPS gaming worlds, the in Jelly Game Club's future activities are something to keep an eye on!

SNS Campaign for recruiting club members in commemoration of the founding of the in Jelly Game Club

Three types of in jelly, the SNS campaign products

In commemoration of the founding of the in Jelly Game Club, an SNS campaign will be held to recruit club members.
To apply, simply follow the official in Jelly Game Club Twitter account and retweet the corresponding commemorative tweet.
Among those who join the club, 50 people will be selected by lottery and will receive 6 each of "in Jelly GAME BOOSTER", "in Jelly Energy", and "in Jelly Energy Glucose" as a present.
Entries will be accepted from Thursday, August 27, 2020 to Thursday, September 10, 2020, and winners will receive individual DMs.
Participate in the campaign and get your own inJelly!


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Boost Gamer?! I drank "in jelly GAME BOOSTER"!
Boost Gamer?! I drank "in jelly GAME BOOSTER"!...

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