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"Yayoiken" announces a collaboration with "Takatsuki Yayoi" of THE IDOLM@STER series!

「やよい軒」がTHE IDOLM@STERシリーズの「高槻やよい」とのコラボを発表 !

The collaboration between " Takatsuki Yayoi ", a character from THE IDOLM@STER series, and " Yayoiken " will be held from March 2022!
In addition, it was announced that " Takatsuki Y ayoi" became the "Takatsuki Tourism Ambassador" of Takatsuki City Tourism Association on January 12 (Wed.).

THE IDOLM@STERシリーズのキャラクター「高槻やよい」が大阪府高槻市の「たかつき観光大使」に就任

What is Yayoiken?


Yayoiken is a chain restaurant franchised by Plenus Co.

Who is Yayoi Takatsuki?

Takatsuki Yayoi

Takatsuki Yayoi is an idol from 765 Production, 14 years old, from Saitama, Japan, the eldest of six siblings, 145 cm tall, 37 kg, 3 sizes 74-54-78, birthday is March 25, blood type O, image color is orange.

Wait for further information!

In this collaboration, there will be events to celebrate " Takatsuki Y ayoi's" birthday!
Takatsuki Y ayoi's birthday is March 25th, and every year on March 25th, people line up at the Hayayoiken Takatsuki store, so we are looking forward to this collaboration.
The details will be announced in early March 2022, so follow the official Yayoiken Twitter (@yayoiken_com) and wait for more information!


Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese. at the moment.

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