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HoYoverse's latest! Final Beta testing for the space fantasy RPG "Collapse: StarRail" is now open!


HoYoverse, the global entertainment brand behind the open-world RPGs "Genshin Impact" and "Collapse Academy," presents the space fantasy RPG " Collapse: Star Trail &" (quot; an RPG that depicts a tumultuous space opera in a new galactic setting). quot; An RPG that depicts a tumultuous space opera in a new setting, the galaxy. The game was shown in a special program broadcast at the Tokyo Game Show 2022, and the final beta test will begin on February 10, 2023 (Friday) on PC, iOS, and Android. Along with the announcement of the Final Beta Test, we are now accepting applications for test participants!

Final Beta Test for "Collapse: StarRail" is now open!

The latest title in the Collapse series, "Collapse: StarRail", has announced its Final Beta Test! The final beta test will be the last closed test and will allow players to experience the battle system in more detail than the previous beta test. The Final Beta Test will be the last closed test and will allow players to experience the battle system in more detail than the previous Beta Test.


In addition, this test will implement new features and ways to play the game, such as multiplayer, accompanied quests, and camera functions. It looks like you will be able to experience most of the game features that will be implemented in the future. Form a team from a large number of characters and make full use of each character's attributes and skills to enjoy exhilarating, easy-to-use, and highly strategic battles!


Final Beta Test Story

The story of the Final Beta Test begins when players visit the space station "Herta". The player, who has a stellar nucleus in his body and boards the "Starry Sky Vehicle" as a pioneer, will visit the first star in his galactic journey, "Yalilo-VI", and the giant spaceship, the "Rauki". Yalilo-VI is a pure white planet covered in ice and snow, a snowbound world with many secrets and dangers to be explored and solved by the pioneers. The galaxy is also home to the Alliance of Immortal Ships, an organization of six giant spaceships called Immortal Ships, of which Rauki is one. Upon entering the "Rauki" for the first time, players will walk through the urban cityscape and towering buildings of the spaceships to understand the tensions between the various factions within the alliance and prepare for the adventures they will soon be embarking on.


The Final Beta Test is open until February 2.

The Final Beta Test will be open from Tuesday, January 24, 2023 at 10:00 to Thursday, February 2, 2023 at 13:00 on the official website of Collapse: StarRail. Applicants who successfully complete the application by answering the questionnaire will be selected by lottery to be eligible for the test. Notification of test qualification will be sent to the e-mail address you entered during the application process, so make sure you are able to receive the e-mail when you apply. You will also be able to confirm your eligibility for the final beta test on the confirmation site that will be released at a later date, so be sure to follow the official Collapse: StarRail Twitter (@houkaistarrail) to keep up with the latest news.

The start date and time of the Final Beta Test is. Tuesday, February 10, 2023 at 10:00am February 10, 2023 (Tuesday) at 10:00am. The recommended specs for the Final Beta Test are now available, so participants should make sure to have a device that meets the recommended specs in order to play comfortably! For more information on the "Collapse: StarRail" Final Beta Test, please visit the official Collapse: StarRail website. Pre-registration for "Collapse: StarRail" is now open! Depending on the number of people who register, you will receive gorgeous items, so be sure to pre-register and wait for the release!

Recommended devices for "Final Beta Test
Recommended Specs PC: Intel Core i7/8G RAM/dGPU, NVIDIA GTX 1060 or higher ・Android: Snapdragon 855 CPU, Kirin 990, Dimensity 1000 or higher ・ iOS: iPhone: iPhoneXS, iPhoneXR or higher iPhoneXR and above ・ iPad: models with A12 or higher processor (iPads released after 2018 10) *iPad device OS is iOS12 and above; Mac is currently unsupported
Supported specifications PC: intel Core i5/8G RAM/dGPU, NVIDIA GTX970 and above - Android: Snapdragon 835 CPU, Kirin 810, Dimensity 720 and above - iOS: iPhone: iPhone 8P, iPhoneX and above iPhone: iPhone 8P, iPhone X and above


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