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The first LINE sticker of the male VTuber group "Holostars" will be released from Wednesday, November 3, 2021!


On November 3, 2021 (Wednesday), " HOLOSTARS," a male VTuber group belonging to " hololive production," a VTuber office run by Cover Inc. HOLOSTARS Official Stamp Vol. 1 " is now available.

The members of "HOLOSTARS" are now available as LINE stamps!


The male VTuber " HOLOSTARS " belonging to " hololive production " was established in June 2019.
The male VTuber group "HOLOSTARS" welcomed its ninth member in April 2020, and in May of this year, the total number of channel subscribers exceeded 1 million.
The official " HOLOSTARS " LINE stamp " HOLOSTARS Official Stamp Vol. 1 " will go on sale on November 3, 2021 (Wednesday )!
The nine members appearing on this issue are Miyabi Hanasaki,Izuru Kanade,Arlandis,Ritsuka,Aster Leda,Tenma Kishido,Robel Yugi,Cien Kageyama, andAarakushi Ouga, all of whom are in their first through third terms.
This is the first commemorative stamp from HOLOSTARS, so please take this opportunity to purchase your own stamp from the LINE STORE!

Outline of the product name
Product Name HOLOSTARS Official Stamp Vol. 1
Price 120 yen (50 LINE Coins)
Number of Stamps Total 24 stamps
Sales Period Wednesday, November 3, 2021 -
Illustrator Mikan Mochi (@mknmochi2616)
Participating members Miyabi Hanasaki, Izuru Kanade, Arlandis, Ritsuka, Aster Ledda, Tenma Kishido, Robel Evening, Cien Kageyama, Ouga Arakutsuka
Sales URL https://line.me/S/sticker/17156799


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