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The free music live "Climax Story Live" that decorates the finale of "hololive summer 2022" will be held on August 31 (Wed)! Music release The distribution of the third "Sparklers" has also started!

「ホロライブ・サマー2022」のフィナーレを飾る無料音楽ライブ「Climax Story Live」が8月31日(水)に開催決定!

hololive Summer 2022 ", a major summer event by " hololive ", a female VTuber group operated by COVER Inc.
The event is currently showing great excitement with the release of an original song based on the theme of this project, numerous events, and new swimsuit and yukata costumes for the performers!
The free live music event " Climax Story Live " will be held as the finale of the successful "hololive Summer 2022"!
The third original song " Sparklers " will also be distributed!


Free live music concert "Climax Story Live" will be held!

Climax Story LivePR TIMES

Climax Story Live," a free live music concert to mark the finale of "hololive Summer 2022," will be held!
35 members of hololive will appear in newly implemented swimsuit and yukata costumes to perform 3 original songs, " Fly K! holololive Summer ", " Holomen Ondo ", and " Sparklres "!
Watch the live performance on the official hololive YouTube Wednesday, August 31, 2022 at 21:00 The live performance can be viewed for free on hololive's official YouTube channel at
There will be a special video at the end of the ending video...?
Please come and watch it in real time!
Event information is constantly updated on hololive production's official Twitter account (@hololivetv).
Be sure to follow the account to keep up with the latest news!

hololive Summer 2022" Original Music Vol. 3 "Sparklers" is now on sale!

SparklersPR TIMES

hololive Summer 2022" original song "Sparklers" is now available on iTunes Store, Apple Music, LINE MUSIC and other music services!
Sparklers" is the third original song following "Fly K! hololive Summer" and "Holomen Ondo" and is one of the songs performed at the free music live "Climax Story Live". It is one of the songs that will be performed at the free music live "Climax Story Live.
The song has a nostalgic feel that is perfect for the end of summer, so please listen to it!

Climax Story Live" Commemorative Present Campaign!

"Climax Story Live"開催記念プレゼントキャンペーンPR TIMES

A Twitter retweet campaign is underway to celebrate the free live music concert "Climax Story Live"!
To enter the campaign, simply follow the official hololive production Twitter account (@hololivetv) and RT the tweets sent from the official account during the campaign period!
Fifteen people will be selected by lottery to win gorgeous original goods from "hololive Summer 2022"!
The campaign will be held until August 25, 2022 (Thu) - August 31, 2022 (Wed) 23:59 Please take this opportunity to participate in the campaign!
For more details about the campaign, please check the "hololive Summer 2022" special site!


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Swimsuit Costume Merchandise for
Swimsuit Costume Merchandise for "hololive Summer 2022" is now on sale!...

Female VTuber group hololive operated by Cover Inc. On August 15, Cover Inc. announced the sale of merchandise featuring such a swimsuit costume, Shiney Wave!

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