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New members from HOLOSTARS!? A mysterious countdown site from HoloLive Productions has been released!


hololive Productions" is a major VTuber production company to which many popular VTuber groups such as " hololiveEnglish ", "hololiveIndonesia", "Holostars", etc., including the female VTuber group " hololive ", belong. hololive Production s," a major VTuber office with a number of popular VTuber groups such as "hololiveEnglish," "hololiveIndonesia," and "Holostars.
On July 15, 2022 (Friday), hololive production suddenly released a mysterious countdown site, which has caused quite a stir on SNS.

New member of HOLOSTARS? hololive Productions has released a mysterious countdown site.


" Coming soon. The URL posted with the words "Coming Soon..." and the hashtag " #holoTEMPUS ".
When you open the mysterious site, there is a meaningful countdown and PV...

In the PV, four silhouettes of what appear to be male VTubers and the logo of the male VTuber group " HOLOSTARS " are displayed in the background of the countdown site. Announcement about the new members of HOLOSTARS The countdown site also shows the logo of the male VTuber group "HOLOSTARS" in the background.
Some have speculated that the English-speaking group " HOLOSTARSEN(English )" will make a new debut, but little information other than the countdown site has been released by the officials, and the details are still shrouded in mystery.

The countdown is drawing a lot of attention!

The countdown will reach zero at 10:00 on Monday, July 18, 2022 (national holiday).
On that day, the official Twitter account of hololive productions(@hololivetv) will no doubt make some kind of announcement, so be sure to follow them to keep up with the latest news!


Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese. at the moment.

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