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"Marshal" of "secret society holoX" "Laplace Darkness" is finally in 3D! The unveiling will start from 20:00 on June 27 (Mon)!


holoX " became a hot topic after gaining popularity at an unprecedented speed, with all members achieving a silver shield (100,000 YouTube channel subscribers) even before their debut distribution.
hololive " is a female VTuber group under the umbrella of " hololive production " operated by Cover Inc. Following the three members, "Kazama Iroha," "Hiroi Koyori," "Shaka," and " Shaka Kuroe, " the recent 3D version of " Takamine Rui " has created a great deal of excitement on SNS.
We were wondering if all the members would be converted to 3D with this momentum, when Cover Inc. finally announced that the last member, " Laplace Darkness ", will be unveiled in 3D!

The last one! Laplace Darkness", the "General" of the "secret society holoX", will finally be released in 3D!

"ラプラス・ダークネス"3Dお披露目PR TIMES

This time, the 3D debut of " Laplace Darkness," the " leader " of the " secret society holoX," was decided to be distributed.
While the daily 3D debuts of " Kazama Iroha ", " Hakui Koyori ", " Shakashaka Kuroe ", and " Takamine Rui " by the same members, the last one, the " General " is now waiting for the 3D debut of "General". I am sure that there are many fans who have been eagerly awaiting the 3D version of the last one, the "General.
With a height of 139cm, he is the smallest of the " hololive " members, with long hair that reaches down to his feet and two large horns on his head, " Laplace Darkness " has a visual appearance that is full of personality. What will the 3D version of "Laplace Darkness" look like?
The unveiling of "Laplace Darkness" will be broadcasted on his YouTube channel. Monday, June 27, 2022 at 20:00 Please enjoy it in real time on Monday night!

Laplace Darkness

ラプラス・ダークネスPR TIMES

The founder of the secret society holoX.
He is inherently smart and powerful, but most of his power is now sealed away.
He is aware of the fact that most of his power is sealed away due to his fetters, but he does not remember exactly when they were put on him.
He has a long relationship with the crow by his side.


All the members are finally in 3D! Watch out for the future activities of the "secret society holoX"!

Now that the last member, " Laplace Darkness," has been chosen to appear in 3D, all members of the " Secret Society holoX " will finally be able to appear in 3D.
The day when all the members will be in 3D may be coming soon!
Expectations for their future activities are growing even higher!
For the latest information on " holoX " and other members of " hololive production ", please follow the official Twitter(@hololivetv ) of hololive production and don't forget to follow us on Twitter! and wait for further news!


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