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"Secret Society holoX" has finally become 3D!? From 20:00 on Thursday, June 9, "Kazema Iroha" 3D unveiling starts!


hololiveProductions, a female VTuber group under the umbrella of Cover Inc.
All of them achieved silver shields (100,000 registered users) even before their debut distribution, and their popularity grew at an unprecedented speed and they became a hot topic.
And now, " KAZAMA Iroha," a member of " holoX," will make her 3D debut!

From 20:00 on June 9 (Thu), "KAZAMA Iroha" 3D debut distribution will be held!

"風真いろは"3Dお披露目PR TIMES




今は日銭を稼ぎながら 【秘密結社holoX】の用心棒として雇われている。


Expect to see the members of the "Secret Society holoX" in 3D!

This time, " Kazama Iroha " became the first "Secret society holoX" member to be converted to 3D, and as usual, her fellow members " Laplace Darkness ", " Rui Takamine ", " Koyori Hiroi" & "Quot; Shakashaka Kurokuro" will also be converted to 3D. quot; Shahana Shaka Kuroe " are also expected to be converted to 3D one after another!
The latest information will be updated on hololive production's official Twitter, so be sure to keep an eye on the future of the " Secret Society holoX "!


Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese and 繁體中文. at the moment.

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