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"Secret Society holoX"'s "Hakubuko" is 3D! The unveiling will start from 20:00 on June 16 (Thursday)!


hololiveProductions, a female VTuber group under the umbrella of Cover Inc.
All of them achieved a silver shield (100,000 YouTube channel subscribers) even before their debut distribution, and their unprecedented speed in gaining popularity has made them a topic of conversation.
Following the debut of " KAZAMA Iroha " in 3D on June 9, 2022 (Thursday), the recent 3D version of " Shahana Shaka Kuroe " was also a big hit!
From " holoX ", the third member, " Koyori Hiro i", will make her 3D debut!


The 3D debut of "Koyori Hiroi"!

"博衣こより"3Dお披露目配信PR TIMES

The 3D model of " Koyori Hiroi ", the " brain of holoX ", will appear on the stage this time!
The unveiling of the model will be broadcasted on Thursday, June 16, 2022 at 20:00 Koyori will be broadcasting her debut on her YouTube channel "Koyori ch. hiroi Koyori - holoX - "!
Please come and enjoy her performance in real time, making full use of her 3D body!

Koyori Hiroi


She is a researcher for the secret society "holoX". She observes people while taking care of the members. She is a keen researcher and curious, and sometimes plays pranks just to see other people's reactions. He calls himself "the brain of holoX. However, his knowledge seems to be biased.


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Following " Kazama Iroha " and " Shakashaka Kuroe ", " Koyori Hiroi ", the third member of the " holoX " secret society, is going to be released in 3D, leaving " Rui Takamine " and " Laplace Darkness" as the remaining members. Darkness ".
We hope to see them in 3D in the near future, and we also hope that we will not miss the 3D debut of the remaining members!
The latest information is updated on hololive production's official Twitter account (@hololivetv), so don't forget to follow them and wait for more news!


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