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HoloLive is metaverse! The latest information on the sandbox game "Holoearth" is released!


hololive production s" is a VTuber agency that handles the female VTuber group " hololive " and the male VTuber group " holostars ", which now attracts not only Japan but also the world.
As one of the largest VTuber agencies in Japan, everyone is sure to have a "favorite" VTuber in their group.
Their activities are not limited to live distribution, but also include a wide range of events, media appearances, and sales of collaborative items and goods, and not a day goes by that we do not see one of the hololive VTubers.
The "hololive Alternative," a project to create a different world in which the talents of "hololive" will be active in a different world, has been announced and a teaser PV has been released.
The existence of the metaverse project "Holo-Earth," which will be the main project of "hololive alternative," has been announced, and now the latest information about it has been released!

Video of the "holo earth" prototype!

The video begins with a mysterious file " holoearth.zip " arriving at the office of " friend A " (@achan_UGA), a hololive staff member named E-chan, who has finished his work.
Friend A" called " shirakamifubuki " and "ookamimio " to play the prototype version of " holoearth ". They are going to play the prototype version of "Holo-Earth" that has been completed as of now.
The test play video is over an hour long, so be sure to tune in!

Test play of "holorearth

The sandbox game "Holo-Earth " is a development project that aims to create an experience where you can "adventure" and "live" in an open field, where there are as many stories as there are players.
The goal is to allow players to experience various ways of life in "Holo-Earth," such as fighting monsters and building their own homes!
The video shown here is just a prototype, and future development status and information will be updated on the official "hololive alternative" Twitter (@hololiveALT ) and official website, so keep an eye on them until the official release!


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