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Koe tech and Satsuma Kodaya Denbei of The Koeda Sake Brewery Group tag again! "Shin Sangoku Musou" collaboration shochu announced!


Satsushu Hamadaya Co., Ltd. announced a collaboration with Koei Tecmo Games' popular action game "Shin-Sangoku Musou 8 Empires" and the "Shin-Sangoku Musou" app for iOS and Android at the "Tokyo Game Show 2021" (TGS2021). The collaboration between the two companies was announced at the TGS2021 event.

Hamada Shuzo Group's Satsushu Hamadaya Denbei and Koetech collaborate for the second time!

Hamada Shuzo is a long-established shochu distillery founded in 1868 in Ichiki-kushikino, Kagoshima Prefecture.
This April, the company celebrated the 20th anniversary of the launch of the Akabaguma series of authentic shochu under the Hamada Shuzo Group's Satsushu Hamadaya Denbei brand, which is its main brand.

In 2020, we introduced Satsushu Mikokushi (in collaboration with "Mikokushi 14"), an authentic sweetpotato shochu with a bottle featuring the motif of the red rabbit horse.

「三國志14」に登場している焼酎「薩州 赤兎馬」「薩州 呂布」を飲んでみた!

This time, we created an original bottle featuring "Zekage," the beloved horse of Cao Cao, a hero who excels in both literary and military arts, which appears in "Shin-Sangoku Musou 8 Empires" and sold it on the brewery's e-commerce site " Shochu. Life" and other stores on December 1 (Wed.).

In addition, the "Memories of Satsuma: Mikokushi ver." will be distributed as an in-game item for the "Shin-Sangoku Musou" smartphone app, and a present campaign will also be held to commemorate the collaboration.

About the authentic sweet potato shochu "Satsushu Mikokushi - Zekkage

Authentic sweet potato shochu "Satsushu Sangokushi - Zekkage

The "Kogane Sengan" sweet potatoes grown in the land of Satsuma are carefully selected one by one to ensure their freshness.
The sweet potatoes are brewed with spring water from "Kanmuridake," a sacred mountain located in Ichiki-Kushikino City, Kagoshima Prefecture, and repeatedly aged and filtered to produce a unique flavor that has been refined.

The wine yeast brewing process produces a fruity, rich, sweet aroma with a refined, sharp aroma.
The powerful and sharp mouthfeel is said to transform into a smooth drinking experience with sweetness and umami enhanced by drinking it on the rocks or with water. The bottle is made of durable porcelain and is ideal for interior decoration.

Cao Cao and his beloved horse "Zekage" from "Shin-Sangoku Musou 8 Empires".

"真・三國無双8 Empires"に登場する曹操と愛馬"絶影"
Cao Cao and his beloved horse "Zekage" in "Shin-Sangoku Musou 8 Empires".
Alcohol content 35% / Capacity: 720ml
Ingredients Sweet potato (Kagoshima), rice malt (domestic rice)
Price 8,800 yen (excluding tax)
Sales Pre-sale at the EC site " Shochu.Life " and "Denbei Kura Store

Collaboration product with "Shin-Sangoku Musou": Authentic sweet potato shochu "Satsushu Sangokushi - Zekkage -" appears in the game!

Guo Jia tasting sake with a bottle of "Zekkage," the beloved horse of Cao Cao, the lord of the Three Kingdoms.

The "Shoguns" and "Memories of Shoguns" are items that allow players to control the heroes of the Three Kingdoms, "Shoguns", and "Shoguns", which are beautiful visuals based on various scenes of Shoguns.
In this collaboration, the authentic sweet potato shochu "Satsushu Sangokushi: Zekkage" and the product description will be implemented in the game.

Distribution Distributed as an in-game login bonus (free of charge) from December 1, 2021 (Wed) 5:00 to December 14, 2021 (Tue) 13:59
Name Dreams of a bygone era ("Satsushu Mikokushi: Zekkage" collaboration ver.)
A collaboration version of "Shogun's Memory" based on the Wei military strategist "Kakujia".
The figure is depicted drinking a bottle of wine in the shape of his master Cao Cao's beloved horse.
Special Effect (When the Musou gauge is full, the powerful "Musou Ranbu" can be triggered.)
This special effect is named after the authentic sweet potato shochu "Satsushu Sangokushi" that bears the name "Sangokushi" and is intended to make both the game and drinking enjoyable for a long time.

Twitter Campaign to Commemorate Collaboration between "Shin-Sangoku Musou" Series and Shochu Brewery Denbei Satsushu Hamadaya!

Limited Clear File

A Twitter campaign is also being held to commemorate this collaboration.
Fifteen winners will be selected by lottery to win a limited clear file of "Shin-Sangoku Musou 8 Empires" that is not for sale and a set of vacuum insulated tumblers (white, 300ml) that will make drinking shochu more enjoyable.
Shochu-loving Warriors of the Three Kingdoms users should enter now, check the campaign tweet for details!


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