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Esports team "GUREN" team name changed to "Revo" and apex division and R6S division to be established


GUREN, an e-sports team operated by Susanoo Co.
The team also announced the establishment of the new Apex Legends and Rainbow Six Siege (R6S) divisions.

The origin of "Revo

Revolution" is the combination of "evolution" and "R", which means that young players will grow and evolve in the competitive scene and set an example for the industry not only in terms of their performance and behavior, but also in terms of their behavior, thereby contributing to the development of the scene and improving their social status. We want to contribute to the development of the scene and the improvement of social status, and to be a revolutionary force in the industry. The name was chosen with this in mind.

Logo mark design concept


The letter "R" is used as a motif to represent the legs of Osaka's prefectural bird, the Shrike.
The three lines that make up the shrike's wings represent the three teams that Susano Corporation has created to date: Kyoto Susanoo, SG8, and GUREN.

The design of the logo is based on the image of a foot over a hurdle. The design also represents the members taking a step forward, overcoming various hurdles in order to evolve and grow.

Uniform Design

ユニフォームデザインPR TIMES

The diagonal lines represent the player's progress to a higher level. The uniforms also express Revo's evolution and growth as a team.
The color Susanoo orange is used to express the intention of dyeing the industry with Revo.

Apex Legends (Apex Legends) Division Members

Hqgon ( @_Hqgon)

Characteristics: He excels at aggressive moves that make use of his natural competitive spirit. He is a maverick and free-spirited.


Characteristics: He has a good grasp of the situation and gives precise instructions to lead his team to an advantageous battle. He hates to lose.

Rainbow Six Siege (R6S) Division Members

L1ex ( @L1eXD )

Role: Rooker
Characteristics: He excels at diversionary tactics by taking advantage of his shooting prowess and his ability to surprise his opponents. Although she excels at aggressive moves, she is usually very quiet and reserved.

Eiyu ( @Eiyu_sakana )

Role: Supporter
Characteristics: A supporter with a strong mentality, she plays an important role in getting the game to go in your favor. She has a laid-back way of speaking and a strong accent, which makes her a popular character on the team.

RunPiK4 ( @RunPiK4 )

Characteristics: An attacker with tremendous explosive power. He is a mood-maker and a free spirit who is easily influenced by the atmosphere in the team, and when he is good, he jumps up to world-class ability.

ELEN ( @elen_ie)

Characteristics: A commanding presence who always keeps the free members together. With her neutral voice, she always gives precise instructions that echo through the battlefield. He is a reaction performer.

Noah ( @Noahdesudoumo)

Role: All-rounder
Characteristics: A jack-of-all-trades who is good at adapting to the situation and his teammates. He is always aware of the battle situation and remains calm, but he also has explosive power. He is the oldest member of the team and the guardian of the team members.

Comment from Takahiro Nakano, President of Susanoo Co.

The name was changed to reflect the rebranding of the e-sports team management to create a simple yet robust team management that clearly defines the purpose of each team, with players aiming to be the best in their respective genres, and streamers and play-by-play operators clarifying the entertainment aspect of the team.
We will continue to strengthen our team management for further development of the industry with a wide range of original members, including co-owner Kenji Tamura, current boat racer Ryuta Mine, and former NMB48 member Rina Kondo, as well as streamers and play-by-play commentators.


Expectations for "Revo" in the future

The team has changed its name to "Revo" and has newly established the Apex Legends and R6S divisions.
For more information, check out the official Team Revo website and the official website of Susanoo Co.


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