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"G-Tune" starts sponsoring topanga-operated esports team "Fish Group"!


Mouse Computer's gaming brand " G-Tune " will join the sponsorship of TOPANGA Corporation's e-sports team, "Uogun ".

G-Tune will provide gaming PCs and support their activities.


Uogun " is an e-sports team consisting of players such as Mago, Machabo, Mizuha, Moke, and Chomosu, all of whom are world-class players in various genres.

G-Tune will provide the team with high performance and reliable products made in Japan, and the team will also act as G-Tune evangelists, taking advantage of its superiority in gameplay and distribution.
The sponsorship of G-Tune will further enhance the activities of "Uogun".
For more information on future activities, please visit the official "Uogun" website and follow them on Twitter.


Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese. at the moment.

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