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Grable × Uma Daughter "Uma Musume Pretty Derby Fanfare Echoing in the Blue Sky" will be held on February 8!

グラブル × ウマ娘「ウマ娘 プリティーダービー 蒼空に響くファンファーレ」の開催が2月8日に決定!

Cygames' authentic smartphone RPG " Granblue Fantasy" (hereafter GBF)
It is a common practice for smartphone games to collaborate with their own works and those of others, but GBF tends to be one of the most outlandish collaborations.
In December 2021, GBF collaborated with the nationally known anime " Doraemon " in a story that made full use of secret tools.
As for the next collaboration, it was officially announced on Day 2 of the " GBF Fest 2021 " held in December 2021, where the latest information on "GRANBLUE FANTASY: Relink" and many other new information were announced, and it became a topic of much discussion. The collaboration will be with " Uma Musume Pretty Derby.
The collaboration was scheduled to take place in February 2022, but additional information, including the date, has been announced!

「GRANBLUE FANTASY: Relink」 最新ゲーム映像によるティザートレーラー&新キービジュアル公開!

The collaboration will start on February 8!

ウマ娘 プリティーダービー 蒼空に響くファンファーレ
Uma Musume Pretty Derby Aozora ni Echoing Fanfare

GBF's "Umamusume Pretty Derby: Fanfare Resonating in the Blue Sky " collaboration event will be held from 17:00 on February 8, 2022 (Tuesday) to 20:59 on February 20, 2022 (Sunday)!
In the collaboration event, you can get the SS Rare Sat-Attribute " Special Week, Silence Suzuka & Tokai Teio " and SS Rare Sat-Attribute Summons " Gold Ship & White McQueen "" whose visuals were also revealed at "GBF Fest 2021"! You can get your hands on the "Special Week & Silent Suzuka & Tokai Teio" and the SS Rare Sat Summons "Gold Ship & White McQueen&quot!


And now, the individual visuals of each of the Uma Musume have been revealed!

Special Week (CV : Azumi Wake)

Special Week

Silence Suzuka (CV : Marika Takano)

Silence Suzuka

Tokai Teio (CV : Machico)

Tokai Teio

Gold Ship (CV : Hitomi Ueda)

Gold Ship

Mejiro McQueen (CV : Saori Onishi)

Mejiro McQueen

GBF has been relatively willing to do whatever they want when it comes to collaborations with other companies' works, so we are looking forward to seeing what will happen when it comes to a collaboration with their own work, Uma Musume.
Details of the event will be released on Monday, February 7, 2022, the day before the event, so let's wait with baited breath!
For more details, check out the NEWS page on the official GBF website!


Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese and 繁體中文. at the moment.

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