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That pillar appeared in Granblue Fantasy! But "I'm not playable"?!


Cygames presents " Granblue Fantasy," a free-to-play smartphone RPG.
In December, a collaboration event with " Demon Slayer," arguably the most popular work of all time, awaits.
With collaborations with a variety of other works and the movie version of "Demon Slayer" Infinity Train becoming the third highest grossing movie of all time in Japan after only 39 days in theaters, there is not a day that goes by that we do not hear about Kimetsu.
The other day, the official GBF Twitter account released an illustration of one of the playable characters, " Purgatory Kyoujuro, " a flame pillar of the Onikagetai, and now it has been announced that another pillar of the Onikagetai will also make an appearance!

The water pillar "Giyu Tomioka" will appear! But...

Giyu Tomioka
Giyu Tomioka

This time, we have announced the appearance of " Giyu Tomioka," the water pillar of the Oninokitai, whom Sumijiro first met!
Giyu Tomioka has appeared since the beginning of the story, and without him, what would have happened to Sumijiro and his friends? Giyu is a very important character and is very popular among fans.
However, according to the announcement from the official GBF Twitter account...

What a pity that he is not a playable character!
Is it just me or did Takahiro Sakurai's CV replay in my brain?
Fans seem to have mixed feelings about not being playable, but I'm still glad they're appearing!
Details on how in the world it will appear have not been announced, but will become clearer in the future.
Follow the official GBF Twitter account to stay tuned for more news!


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