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That sesame is delivered in Monhan! YouTube game play-by-play ch "Gomaki's Guild" is opened!


Former Morning Musume。 Maki Goto , a.k.a. Gomaki, a former member of Morning Musume and currently active as a TV personality, has launched a YouTube channel called " Gomaki's Guild.
Gomaki has long been known as a " Monster Hunter " fan and often appears at MonHun events.
She has been playing the game for over thousands of hours and claims to be a hard-core gamer. The first video, "MonHun Live: Maki Goto Starts YouTube! #1".

In no time at all, it surpassed 100,000 views!

Maki Goto has been attracting a lot of attention, with the first episode surpassing 100,000 views in just a few hours after it was released. The response from fans has been overwhelmingly positive, as they see a side of Maki that they normally can't see in games.
"I like how she's acting like a beginner! I can tell right away that she is used to MonHun (lol)," "There may be a live broadcast in the future," "I'm looking forward to seeing Gomaki's expression change," and more.
I'm looking forward to seeing Gomaki's facial expressions change," and many more.

Goto-san lying on the sofa and answering questions
【MonHun実況】後藤真希YouTube始めます! #1
The first episode focused on character makeup.
【MonHun実況】後藤真希YouTube始めます! #1
A lot of comments were also gathered on certain topics!
【MonHun実況】後藤真希YouTube始めます! #1

The second video is already available!

The second video focuses on the mission quest. He struggled with the unfamiliar map, but he kept his cool expression as he used to.
He also talked about his own morning routine, and isn't it the charm of the channel to see him relaxed?
Let's look forward to future feeds!

Gomaki talking about his morning routine
討伐するモンスターが丸呑みされました・・・ #2
Frustrated faces saying it's a pain in the ass
討伐するモンスターが丸呑みされました・・・ #2
Some commented that they couldn't see the play because they were too busy admiring the face
討伐するモンスターが丸呑みされました・・・ #2


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