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Distribution Giken Announces Growing Number of Game and Live Streaming Views in Japan


Distribution Technology Research Institute, Inc. (hereinafter "Distribution Technology Research Institute") announced on its Web site that the time users spend watching game distribution and other activities has risen 44%, or about 80 million minutes per day, since Japan was notified that the new coronavirus was a Ministry of Health and Welfare-designated infectious disease.
In stating that the time spent watching live online distribution is increasing worldwide, the company also mentions a characteristic that is only apparent in Japan.

Current distribution style expected to influence future trends.

Chart showing the hours watched by domestic viewers
配信技研NEWS:"COVID-19 VS. ライブ配信"レポート

Referring to the fact that the number of viewings usually drops in Japan in February, Distribution Giken stated that in 2020, the level has not dropped after February, and that there will also be a two-stage increase starting on February 28 and March 24.
February 28 was the day that the Japanese government requested a simultaneous school closure, and March 24 was the day that the Olympic Games were announced to be canceled, and although it cannot be ruled out, he discussed the possibility that this may have increased the number of users and time spent watching the streaming.
The following is a description of how the streamer's activities may be affected in the future.

Live streaming is a comprehensive art that cannot be realized without the know-how and mindset of individual streamers. As home-based culture is encouraged today, active streamers are not only accumulating methods and experience, but also growing their fan base. Streamers are likely to continue their activities even after the Japanese government's emergency declaration is lifted in the future, and their current activities are likely to be a milestone in future trends.

配信技研NEWS:"COVID-19 VS. ライブ配信"レポート

The League of Legends Japanese professional league "LJL" has grown significantly.

LJL 2020 Spring Split
LJL 2020 Spring Split
LoL Esports

While no specific game titles were mentioned because of the growth in viewing time in Japan as a whole, the League of Legends Japan Pro League "LJL," which ran from February 8 to March 8, saw a 40% increase in viewing time compared to 2019, according to the The league is now in its second year of operation.
Although the new coronavirus caused a no-show, he said the increased support from home fans will be a tailwind for the league's future operations.


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