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That death game is revived with Nintendo Switch! "Makai village that came back" release decision!

あの死にゲーがNintendo Switchで復活!「帰ってきた 魔界村」発売決定!

There is a genre of games known as " deadly games," in which players have to find their way through a series of repeated failures due to the incredible difficulty of the game.
Demon's Souls," which was remade as a launch title for the PS5, and Koei Tecmo's "Nioh" series are well-known examples, but have you heard of the legendary " Makai Mura, " a game of death?
The legendary action game that many children have tried over and over again and still could not clear is back!
The "Returning Makai Mura" will be released on Nintendo Switch !

What is "Makai Mura"?

Makai Village

Makai Mura " is an action game series that was first released by Capcom in 1985 in arcades.
The game was ported to home consoles and became a big hit due to its amazing difficulty level, and many sequels were created.
For me, " Super Magic Village," released in 1991 on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES), was a direct hit.

The main character, Arthur, wears armor, but once he is hit by an enemy, he is reduced to just his underpants. If he is hit by an enemy in that state, he turns into bones and dies.
You may think it's fine if you can make one mistake, but the stage gimmicks and enemies, especially the iconic " Red Arrymer," are relentless, and you will die surprisingly quickly!
If you're thinking, "Here we go again," please play Makai Mura on Nintendo Switch Online Family Computer and Super Makai Mura on Nintendo Switch Online Super Nintendo Entertainment System. You will die soon!

The last game in the main series was "Kyokumakai-mura" released on the PSP in 2006, so this is the first new title in 15 years.
It's been 15 years since the last game in the main series, "Kyokumakai Mura," was released on the PSP in 2006.

The legend is back on the Nintendo Swtich!

The latest title in the "Makai Mura" series, "The Return of Makai Mura ", was announced at " The Game Awards 2020 " held on December 11, 2020 (Japan time)! The announcement trailer has been released!

This is a story from once upon a time...

It was late afternoon in a kingdom.
I was resting on a hill overlooking the country.
Arthur, a knight of the kingdom

And there, on the hill
Princess appears on the hill

They spend a moment talking in the warm sunshine...

But! At that moment
Suddenly, the royal palace was on fire.
A black cloud spread out from nowhere
The black cloud engulfs the palace, the city
and even the sacred tree "Orby's Tree".

In the midst of this cataclysm
The evil hand of the Great Demon King extends to the Princess.

Taking advantage of the moment...
Arthur, who was taken to the "demon world" with the Princess...
He puts on his armor, the pride of a knight
To save the princess
And now he's running toward the Devil's Realm to save the Princess.

Arthur, the knight who was taken away to the demon world
Can he rescue the Princess?

"帰ってきた 魔界村"公式サイト

The Return of Makai-Mura" is based on the immortal classics " Makai-Mura " and " Daimakai-Mura " and incorporates the latest technology while maintaining the simple controls and high level of difficulty.
The graphics are of course more beautiful, but there are also new stage gimmicks and the monsters you struggled with back then will attack you in a new style!
The days of being beaten by Red Arhimar are back...!

Red Armer...!
Nintendo Switch『帰ってきた 魔界村』Annoucement Trailer

In "The Return of Makai Mura," you will use a variety of weapons, magic, and skills, as well as the Orby Tree, to explore the world of magic.
If you are interested in this game, but are not good at action games and don't want to play something too difficult, don't worry. In this title, you can choose the difficulty level !
There are four difficulty levels to choose from in order of difficulty: "Legendary Knight," "Lone Knight," "Young Knight," and "Apprentice Knight, " so you can play at a difficulty level that suits you.
However, the easiest level, "Apprentice Knight," does not allow you to experience all of the game's elements, so you will need to hone your skills on "Apprentice Knight" before moving up to the higher difficulty levels!
Even if you can't clear the game at first, don't give up, try again and again, and one day you'll find a way!

Exclusive for Nintendo Switch!

The Return of Makai Mura" is scheduled for release on February 25, 2021 for 3,627 yen (excluding tax ) and will be exclusive to Nintendo Switch and available only in digital format!
There have been many remakes of classic games released recently, but "The Return of Makai Mura" is a brand new game!
You can't help but have high expectations for a new title after 15 years, but Capcom is Capcom, so you can trust them! They're going to give us another day of death and destruction on the most difficult difficulty level!
With only two months left until the release, let's play the previous titles and get back the feeling of "Makai Mura"!
Along with the announcement, the official website and Twitter (@GGRE_CAPCOM) are now open to the public, so please check them for more details and the latest information!


Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese. at the moment.

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