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Gesippi forms an "esports English conversation team"! Recruit team members!


(Gesipi), an e-sports training platform that includes an e-sports training gym and e-sports English conversation services, announced on Tuesday, August 25, 2020, that it has formed an " e-sports English Conversation Team " to improve both its e-sports team and English conversation skills. The company announced on Tuesday, August 25, 2020, that it has formed an "eSports English Conversation Team" to improve both the eSports team and English conversation skills.
At the same time, the company has begun recruiting two team members for the currently vacant positions!

Purpose of the Team Formation

Gesipi's eSports English conversation service offers eSports and English conversation lessons based on the Battrova shooting game.

The purpose of the team is to

  • To expand the size of the domestic e-sports market
  • To further accelerate the internationalization of e-sports in Japan
  • To solve language issues for e-sports players

The team will support players in improving both their e-sports skills and English conversation skills.
Teams will meet once or twice a week for a few hours per practice session, and participation is free of charge.

The coach and team leader is HoLiXz.
HoLiXz has been living in Australia since he was 3 years old, and while he has experience living and educating in Japan, he is a native gamer, having grown up playing ARPGs, MMORPGs, MOBAs, and FPS games from childhood to the present.

Recruitment Overview

The eSports English Conversation Team is a team that aims to improve not only in-game skills but also in-game communication skills in English, with the goal of producing players who will be active on the international stage in the future.
The team aims to participate in domestic and international tournaments while focusing on team practices, including English conversation lessons given by the coach.
Through team activities, the team members can learn teamwork and live English, and depending on their game skills, they may be able to participate in international tournaments.

The application requirements include English proficiency at the EIKEN Level 3 level or higher and Platinum 3 or higher in Apex Legends Season 5, so the in-game skill requirements are a bit high, but if you want to become a global player or streamer in the future, why not take this opportunity to apply? If you want to be a global player or streamer in the future, why not take this opportunity to apply?
Applications can be made through the eSports English Team Member Application page, and the deadline for applications is Friday, September 15, 2020.

Team Outline
Titles to be used Apex Legends (PC version)
Coach and Team Leader HoLiXz
Number of team members 3 (including leader)
Goal Reach the Predator belt in Apex Legends (by the end of 2020)
Achieve in-game communication in English.
(To be able to communicate with foreign professional players in a certain level of games)
Start of activities Scheduled to start around the end of September 2020
Activities Practice multiple times a week, participate in national and international tournaments, etc.
Practice Mainly e-sports team practice including English conversation lessons by coaches
Participation Fee Free of charge
Compensation In principle, none
Application Requirements
Required conditions Minimum age of 17 years old and aspiring to play on the international stage of e-sports.
Platinum 3 or above in Apex Legends Season 5
English proficiency of at least EIKEN Level 3 (junior high school graduate level)
Able to shoot and distribute videos by Gecipi.
Recommended conditions Experience reaching Diamond in Apex Legends (PC version) as a solo player.
Application Deadline September 15, 2020
Application Form eSports English Team Member Application Page


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