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"Sister Sister Sister! "Grubble VS Additional DLC "Vera" December 2021 participation decision!

「お姉様お姉様お姉様!」グラブルVS 追加DLC「ヴィーラ」2021年12月参戦決定!

Cygames presents the action RPG "Granblue Fantasy Versus" (GBVS).
On July 13, 2021, the last additional character "Sisu" of season 2 of the DLC was released, and it seemed that new information would not be available for a while, but ...... has just received information about a new additional character!

The new DLC character "Veela", the knight of mad love, will join the game in December 2021!
......Yes, of course she is coming. ...... It's rather too late ......?

グラブルVS シーズン2最後の追加キャラクターは「シス」!7月13日(火)より配信決定!

Veera is going to join GBVS, following her sister Catalina!

The beautiful knightess, Veera, who loves Catalina so much, is joining the GBVS!

The new character that will be joining the GBVS is " Veela," a very popular character who also appeared in the main story of the original "GBF" and was the first playable character to conquer all attributes!

She has followed the one and only "Catalina," whom she adores, dotes on, and clings to, and has now made her debut in the GBVS.
Since Catalina was an early character in the series, it can be said that Veera herself has "finally made her debut"....

Veera (CV: Asami Imai)

She basically shows no interest in anyone other than Catalina (and the Commander), so it will be interesting to see how she interacts with the other characters!
Even in the world of Versus, I'm sure that she will show us her unfailing devotion to her sister Catalina...

Official Twitter Campaign to win autographs!

With a newly drawn illustration & autographed by Asami Imai who plays the role of Veela!

To commemorate the decision of Veela's participation, a follow and retweet campaign is currently being held on the official GBVS Twitter!
Three winners will be chosen by drawing to receive a paper autographed by Asami Imai, who plays the role of Veela! The illustrations on the autographs were drawn by the Cygames illustration team! Her red eyes without highlights are beautiful....

■How to enter

①Follow GBVS official Twitter ( @gbvs_official )
Retweet the target campaign tweet

Application period

Until 23:59, August 22 (Sun.), 2021


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64920「お姉様お姉様お姉様!」グラブルVS 追加DLC「ヴィーラ」2021年12月参戦決定!
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