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Grabl VS Season 2's last additional character is "Sith"! Delivery decision from Tuesday, July 13!

グラブルVS シーズン2最後の追加キャラクターは「シス」!7月13日(火)より配信決定!

Cygames presents " Granblue Fantasy Versus " (hereafter GBVS), a competitive action RPG.
On Saturday, June 26, 2021, all matches of the " RAGE GBVS 2021 SUMMER " SEMI FINALS, an e-sports tournament in which this game is played, were completed, leaving only the GRAND FINALS on Saturday, July 10!
The 8 players who made it to the finals out of 512 entries will be interesting to see how they will battle it out in the finals!

And with the end of the tournament imminent, the long-kept secret information is finally revealed: ......!

The DLC Season 2 additions ( 6 characters in total) started in September 2020.
"Belial", "Cagliostro", "Yuel", "Uno", "Eustace" ...... and finally the last additional character has been announced! The last character has been announced!

The last character to be added is "Sisu", one of the "Ten Devas" and the strongest fighter in the sky!
The release date is set for July 13th (Tuesday)! In addition, a character PV has been released!


Masked fighter Sisu joins GBVS!

Sisu joins the GBVS!

Sisu " is a member of the "Ten Devas," the same group as " Uno," who was released in January, and " Siete," who appears in the quest.
The "Ten Heavenly Generals" is the name of the strongest cavalry group in the world of "Granblue Fantasy", which consists of the best users of the ten types of weapons in the sky.
Even in the main game of the mobile phone version, these are characters with top-class strength that is commensurate with the difficulty of the conditions for acquiring them!

グラブルVS 2021年最初の追加は十天衆!槍を司る賢人「ウーノ」参戦!RPGモードの無料アップデートも決定!

As a side note, Sith was the first Ten Celestials that I recruited from scratch in the original game, and the first to be released by myself. He is a very reliable member of the Dark formation.

Transcending the limits? I've never heard of this system. ......

Sisu's character PV is now on view!

A PV showing some of Sisu's motions and battle style has been released!

Sisu, the best fighter in the entire sky, is a close combat type who slashes his opponents with both of his fists. His fighting style seems to be to approach with quick movements and overwhelm the opponent with a furious rush that allows no counterattack!
In addition to his agile and sharp attacks, his special moves are performed in the same pose as in the original game illustration! In the quest screen, he is also seen talking with Uno and Siete, who are also members of the Ten Devas...?

Good face...

He also rarely takes off his mask because of his extreme phobia of face to face (how cute!), but even in GBVS, he is seen fighting with a half mask on!
You can catch a glimpse of his devilish expression hidden under the mask.

Additional character set "Sisu" will be available on Tuesday, July 13!

Additional character set "Sisu

Additional character set "Sisu" will be available from July 13, 2021 (Tuesday)! The price is 880 yen (tax included).
Of course, it is included in the Season 2 Character Pass, so those who have already purchased it can download and use it immediately after delivery.
In addition to the "Sis" character, the package includes one lobby avatar, one character icon, two additional quests, and the "Granblue Fighter" character, Sis.
The bonus for Granblue Fantasy is a gacha ticket for a weapon that opens SS-rare characters, and the stamp "Sisu"! KIE!

Two new stages, " Solestar View " and " Abyss, " will be added to the free update on the same day!

New stage "Solestar View
New stage "Abyss

This August, we will be adding new characters for the new season at ......!

Group visual with newly added "cis" characters

With the addition of Season 2, GBVS now has a total of 22 playable characters!
It's been almost a year and four months since the release of the game, and we've got quite a cast of characters, but there's some interesting information at the end of the Sisu character PV...!

Coming in Augsut!

グランブルーファンタジー ヴァーサス PV#26"シス参戦編"

At the end of the PV, there is a hint of additional characters to be added in the future! And since there are more than two of them, we can assume that this is the start of Season 3 of additional characters...!
The next information will be released in August. GBVS is going to be very exciting this summer as well!

GBVS has sold over 500,000 copies worldwide!

And there is one more happy and congratulatory news!
The total worldwide sales of "Granblue Fantasy Versus" have surpassed 500, 000! Congratulations!
New illustrations of "Eustace" and "Beatrix" were posted on the official Twitter!

To celebrate this milestone, the original "Granblue Fantasy" smartphone game will be giving away 1,000 g emstones to all players! Thanks to .......
For those of you who are also playing the smartphone version of the game, don't forget to receive it!


Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese. at the moment.

64920グラブルVS シーズン2最後の追加キャラクターは「シス」!7月13日(火)より配信決定!
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