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Arteria Networks Co., Ltd. and GameWith Co., Ltd. jointly established "GameWith ARTERIA Co., Ltd."!

アルテリア・ネットワークス株式会社と株式会社GameWithが共同出資により「GameWith ARTERIA株式会社」を設立!

Alteria Networks, Inc. and GameWith, Inc. have announced that they have reached an agreement to establish a joint venture, GameWith ARTERIA, Inc.
GameWith ARTERIA, Inc. will operate a distribution studio for e-sports competitions and a communication service business for e-sports players and online gamers.

About ARTERIA Networks, Inc.


Since its establishment in 1997, Alteria Networks, Inc. has been providing network services for corporate customers, utilizing its own high-capacity optical fiber backbone and access lines, to build tailor-made network environments to meet the needs of customers, and Internet services for condominiums to provide stable, high-speed, proprietary communications. Internet service that provides stable, high-speed communications for corporate customers, and condominium Internet service for condominiums, which has the No. 1 share of the domestic market.

About GameWith


GameWith, Inc. is a leading provider of game information media such as "GameWith", which provides information on how to gain an advantage in games, and "Game Strategy & Quot;", which provides information on how to find games, under the mission of "creating a world where people can enjoy games more". GameWith," a gaming information media, provides "Game Strategy & Quot;," "Game Introduction," which provides information on how to find games, and "Video Distribution," in which exclusive gaming personalities and e-sports players perform on video platforms.
We are also developing new businesses such as e-sports and blockchain games, and expanding our business not only in Japan but also overseas.

Distribution Studio Established!

Distribution Studio Image

The distribution studio to be established in the Jiyugaoka area will be able to host events such as e-sports tournaments, and will provide high-speed Internet access, a dedicated studio, equipment, staff, planning, and production as a single package.
It is also equipped with a main studio where video and audio of play-by-play, commentators, and guests can be filmed, an operation room to oversee the overall proceedings, a spectator room for directors and related personnel to monitor, a waiting room, and player seating, making it possible to handle a variety of game titles for which there is high demand for distribution.
In addition to the technological capabilities of both companies, the facility is also priced lower than competitors, and will be targeted at companies and local governments that have been unable to participate in the operation of e-sports tournaments and online events due to cost considerations.
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<Comments by Koji Kabumoto, President and CEO, Alteria Networks, Inc.

Utilizing its own high-quality optical fiber network, Alteria Networks provides a variety of communication services to meet the needs of its customers. We are confident that we can contribute to the revitalization of the e-sports industry by providing various services related to e-sports, leveraging the strengths of both our company, which provides ultra high-speed and low latency communication services, and GameWith, which develops e-sports business such as holding e-sports tournaments and managing professional e-sports teams.


<Takuya Imaizumi, President and CEO of GameWith, Inc.

GameWith has been diversifying its game-related business under the mission of "creating a world where people can enjoy games more. Currently, the company is strengthening its e-sports domain, operating professional e-sports teams and holding its own tournaments. The joint venture company to be established this time plans to promote businesses that combine the technological capabilities and know-how of the two companies. We look forward to seeing our future efforts lead to the development of the e-sports industry.


Background of the Establishment

The background of the establishment of the joint venture is that, in order to hold e-sports events in Japan, there are a limited number of companies that can provide the necessary ultra high-speed, low-latency communication services, dedicated studios and equipment, tournament planning and production, in-depth knowledge of games, know-how in video distribution, and the appointment of commentators, all in a single company. The Internet is congested due to the increase in telework and the spread of video viewing services, partly due to the Corona disaster, and depending on the location and time of day, the quality of communication required to play the games is not being achieved. Therefore, Arteria Networks, Inc. and GameWith, Inc. have resolved to share the technical capabilities and video distribution know-how they have developed with each other, and to jointly work toward solving issues in the e-sports industry, and have reached an agreement to establish GameWith ARTERIA.
In addition, Arteria Networks and GameWith plan to use the establishment of this joint venture as an opportunity to continue to consider further business collaboration in the e-sports and online game markets.

Outline of Joint Venture Company

Company name GameWith ARTERIA, Inc.
Head office Sumitomo Fudosan Shinbashi Building, 6-9-8 Shinbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Title and name of representative Kazuto Ohashi, President and Representative Director
Capital 80 million yen
Date of establishment March 1, 2022 (scheduled)
Commencement of operations March 1, 2022 (scheduled)
Fiscal year end March 31
Investment ratio Alteria Networks, Inc. 51
GameWith, Inc. 49

Outline of Joint Venture

Date of conclusion of joint venture agreement Within February 2022 (scheduled)
Date of establishment of joint venture Within February 2022 (scheduled)


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