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The "Splatoon 2" page of "GameRoom", which is described as gaming papa activity, suddenly becomes inaccessible


GameRoom (https://game-room.jp/), which was just released in beta on November 1, has suddenly become inaccessible from the supported game titles on the "Splatoon (https://game-room.jp/games/splatoon) &" page. quot;page.

A check of the Wayback Machine showed that the Splatoon 2 page was still available as of November 4, so it is highly possible that access to the page was disabled from the 5th to the early morning of the 6th.
It is hard to imagine that a category that existed at the time of release, even though it was a beta version, was deleted in less than a week, so it seems likely that there was some kind of problem.

The "Splatoon 2" page has a 500 error.


The "Splatoon 2 (https://game-room.jp/games/splatoon) " page now has a 500 Internal Server Error, which is usually a 404 Not Found when a page is deleted, but the 500 error, there is a possibility of a bug in the program, so there is a high possibility that the page was not deleted by the management, but rather a system failure.

GameRoom is developed with Ruby on Rails, and the server is on Amazon's AWS, while the domain and DNS are provided by GMO Internet Group's Moodle Domain.
Incidentally, the mail server uses Moomoo Mail, also of the GMO Internet Group, but the TXT record has not been entered, and SPF is not specifically listed.

However, a new category is added


As mentioned above, Splatoon 2 has disappeared from the list of categories (menu) and is no longer accessible, but the following categories have been newly added.

  • Chat
  • Online Cheers
  • Show your face
  • Counseling for your problems

The new category additions were announced on GameRoom's official Twitter, but no mention of Splatoon 2 was made.

To be sure, we checked the corporate website of the operator, CryptoGames, Inc. but no announcement was posted.


Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese and 繁體中文. at the moment.

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