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"#FreeFortnite Cup" will be held to the top runners who will receive luxury prizes other than the apple cos and iOS!

上位者には例のリンゴのコスやiOS以外の豪華賞品がプレゼントされる「#FreeFortnite カップ」開催決定!

The controversial " Fortnite " was recently removed from the App Store and Googlo Play.
While there are ways to play the game on Android, such as downloading it from the Samsung Galaxy Store or installing it from an APK file, it is completely unplayable on iOS once the game is updated.
In addition, Apple has recommended that Epic Games' developer account be suspended. The #FreeFortnite Cup" will be held in the "Fortnite" game.

App Store、Google Playから「フォートナイト」が削除!Epic Gamesは抗議の姿勢

Gorgeous prizes will be given away depending on the results!

#FreeFortnite カップ
#FreeFortnite Cup

The #FreeFortnite Cup will be held on Sunday, August 23, 2020.
The time of the event will vary from region to region, so be sure to check the "Events" tab in the game to find out when it will take place.

The #FreeFortnite Cup will last 4 hours, and you can participate in up to 12 matches as a solo player.
You will have the chance to win various prizes depending on your score.
The scoring system is

  • Alive - 1 point for every 3 minutes spent on the battle royale island
  • Defeated - 1 point for every shot fired
  • Victory Royale - 10 points per Victory Royale

...so survive as long as you can, destroy as many ships as you can, win as many Victory Royales as possible, and get as many points as you can!

What you are interested in is the prize, right?
First of all, every player who earns 10 points in every region will receive the tasty "Tart Tycoon" costume, the apple you've seen in some videos.

#Costume "Tart Tycoon"

The top scoring player in each region (20,000 in all) will receive a " #FreeFortnite Hat ".
A real hat with a stylish design will be delivered to your home!

#FreeFortnite Hat

And the top 1,200 scorers will receive a gaming device (non-iOS ) to play Fortnite, such as a smartphone, console, or PC!
The prizes are super-luxurious and include

  • Alienware Gaming Laptop
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab S7
  • OnePlus 8
  • PlayStation 4 Pro
  • Xbox One X
  • Nintendo Switch

The #FreeFortniteCup is a competition that gives away 1,200 free games to 1,200 win ners, not knowing how many of each.
Furthermore, "The #FreeFortnite Cup is not sponsored, endorsed, or administered by Dell, Samsung, OnePlus, Sony, Microsoft, or Nintendo. "So it is not sponsored by the respective manufacturers," it states.

If you want to win a "Tart Tycoon" cosplay or any of the other great prizes, you should definitely enter the #FreeFortniteCup!

Learn how to stay in the game!

For those of you who play Fortnite on mobile only, here's how to continue playing.
This does not mean that you will be able to continue playing on iOS, but rather that you will be able to play on other environments.
We don't know yet what will happen in the future, but you may want to consider migrating your environment in a way that works for you, since you may not be able to play on iOS completely.
"For more information on the #FreeFortnite Cup and how to continue playing, check out the official Fortnite website!


Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese. at the moment.

32193上位者には例のリンゴのコスやiOS以外の豪華賞品がプレゼントされる「#FreeFortnite カップ」開催決定!
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